Moving Company Gives Back With Discovery Junction’s “Touch-a-Truck”


It’s no secret that moving company Able Moving & Storage has been a huge part of the Northern Virginia community since their establishment in 1987. Founded by Bill Singleton and his sons, Able Moving & Storage has always been a family-oriented moving company and had a strong community presence in the Northern Virginia area. This year, Able Moving & Storage was proud to be a part of Discovery Junction’s Touch-a-Truck event in order to raise funding and awareness for their fantastic children’s museum!


Located in Prince William County, Discovery Junction is a children’s museum devoted to giving children room to grow through play, exploration, and learning. They allow field trips for community schools, a space where families can spend the day together learning and playing, and offer events to further their influential learning style on children in the Northern Virginia area. On September 27th, the museum featured the Touch-a-Truck event where children could explore trucks and learn about the people behind them who are such integral parts of the Prince William County community.


Able Moving & Storage was honored to participate in this event by allowing one of their moving company trucks and operators to be present so that the children could learn about what a moving truck is, how it works, and how the operator handles the controls. With nearly 2,500 people attending, Able Moving & Storage was able to allow many children to check out their truck and explore all its components by pushing buttons and speaking with the operator of the vehicle about what does what. The patience of the truck operators and the friendliness of their actions allowed the families and kids to have a great time seeing what our moving company vehicles are like inside and how they work.

Able Moving & Storage was voted a “Family Favorite” by the attendees of the Touch-a-Truck event through Discovery Junction. The time Able Moving & Storage took to attend this event and give back to the community helped Discovery Junction to continue their positive community presence by providing an environment for children in Prince William County to learn, play, and grow.


Able Moving & Storage has been proud to be a part of the Northern Virginia community for nearly 30 years. Their family-owned and oriented business doesn’t just help folks move locally—they also get you around the country and even international moving. They’ve grown from a just-family business to include the community and they’ve grown to better serve their community and the people they love in it. By being a part of Discovery Junction’s Touch-a-Truck, Able Moving & Storage was able to give back by supporting the growth of the children’s museum, therefore investing in our most precious aspect of the future—the children of our community.

Discovery Junction doesn’t just allow children to learn—they encourage learning through interaction, which is an essential part of any child’s play. They offer programs that encourage imagination and curiosity along with their families and the community.


The event was a great success and helped Discovery Junction to create awareness and raise funds. Able Moving & Storage hopes to continue to be a part of Discovery Junction’s outreach process and continue to encourage the learning of children through exploration and play. What better way to do that than to touch an actual moving company truck?

If you’re interested in volunteering at Discovery Junction, donating, or just giving back to the community at a place that allows our children to grow by doing what they do best, visit Discovery Junction’s website or Facebook page!

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