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   -How to prepare your home for a quick sale-

If you’re planning to move into a new home because you need more space for your family, have found a new job, or just want a different atmosphere, you probably want to sell your current home as quickly as possible. In this article, Able Moving & Storage has put together a few tips on how to properly prep your home for a quick sale.

  • You’re going to need great pictures:

When you’re advertising your house online, you’re going to need a lot of high-quality pictures of it along with the standard details. Try out some special photo or video services like drone photography and videography to really make your home stand out from the rest.

  • Make sure you mention all problems:

List areas in the home that need repairs or replacements. Be honest about leaks, broken appliances, pests, damages, and any other issues that may affect the next purchasers of your home.  

  • Hire a good listing agent:

We recommended that you hire an experienced real estate agent to help sell your house. Real estate agents know how to navigate the complexities of contracts and can assist in promoting your home with open houses and through other methods. They will even advise you on what to improve within your home to get a higher selling price.

  • Make your house look as nice as possible:

Remove clutter and ensure your home looks its best. The better your house presents to buyers, and the better the overall condition it is in, the higher it will fetch on the market. Consider having your home professionally staged. Homes that are staged sell 88% faster, on average.