Moving Company In Virginia

Thirty years ago people would have said that all coffee was the same… until Starbucks came along. Today, people will say that all moving companies in Virginia are the same, totally ignoring Able Moving & Storage, the best moving company in Virginia. Able Moving & Storage is the area’s premier moving company and the number one choice for quick and affordable movers. Able Moving & Storage is the number one choice for people seeking an affordable rate for a moving company in Virginia.

Storage If You Need It

Another area where Able Moving & Storage excels against other moving companies in Virginia is we have superior storage options. Able Moving & Storage is the best moving company in Virginia because we are able to offer the most affordable rates on short-term storage leases. Able Moving & Storage takes cleanliness very seriously when it comes to our storage units. Our storage facilities are routinely cleaned and maintained so that no cockroaches, rats or mold take up residence in your storage unit. The only thing in your storage unit when you close the door is whatever you leave in there! Not all moving and storage companies in Virginia can say the same.

And Able Moving & Storage takes security very seriously. Moving and storage is an industry built on trust and no one respects that trust more than Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage has industry standard protections at every single one of our storage facilities. Computerized access at the entrances prevents criminals from using the front door. Barbed wire fences surround the storage area and all near by bushes and trees have been cleared so potential criminals have nowhere to hide. And if by some miracle they do make it in, Able Moving & Storage has 24/7 on site personnel and security cameras to guard in the event of an unlikely break in.

Local Knowledge
Northern Virginia is a large area so it is best to use a moving company in Virginia with expert local knowledge. Able Moving & Storage movers are all locals, which means they can find the shortcuts during rush hour traffic. Able Moving & Storage drivers are experienced with avoiding narrow roads and find the ultimate unloading areas. Other moving companies in Virginia rely on seasonal laborers that are inexperienced with corporate relocation services. And when their drivers get lost or stuck in traffic, their bosses pass that on to you. Our drives are natives with expert knowledge of the area.