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Checklist For Leaving Your Home State

Moving is always an adventure! Sometimes it can be exciting, and other times it can be stressful. To ensure you have more joy than stress, Able Moving & Storage has compiled a few useful items to keep in mind when you prepare to leave your home state.

  1. You will be moving… FAR. So, first thing’s first, be sure all of your responsibilities are in order before you leave. Notify your workplace, family, and friends of the move as far ahead of time as possible. This will allow your old job to get filled, your friends time to plan a going away party, and your family to get used to the idea of saying goodbye!
  2. Plan ahead to coordinate the needs of your children, if you have any. They will need to know what to expect in the new state and may have a lot of questions about their new school, neighbors, and surroundings. Be sure to let them know about all of the fun things there will be to do in your new town so they can be excited, motivated, and prepared for the new location.
  3. Plan to pack accordingly depending on the potentially new climate you are moving to. A move from Florida to Alaska will certainly require some advanced preparation compared to a move to a neighboring state. Do some research on what new elements you will face once you set out to settle into a new latitude.
  4. Prepare and organize your important documents such as tax returns, birth certificates, social security cards, passports etc. and store them somewhere safe so that you don’t forget them! The last thing you will want to do is have to come back ALL the way to your old home to retrieve these documents if they are misplaced. I don’t know many people who want to go through the process to replace all of this paperwork if it is lost!
  5. Create a checklist of items that are very important to you so that you are sure they are not left behind. Better safe than sorry!
  6. Have emergency contacts that you can get ahold of in case of an emergency in both your old state and your new destination. This will be important in case you have any issues while traveling.

It is important to be fully prepared for your out of state move! Let Able Moving & Storage help you with the process. We are an experienced moving company that is happy to help!