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-How to prepare your workout equipment for a move-

If you love working out and have a lot of heavy gym equipment, like weights and treadmills, or light equipment like yoga mats and exercise attire, you want to pack and prepare these items for a move in the most efficient way possible. Gym equipment is generally expensive and if damaged can cost you quite a lot. Also, moving heavy equipment can cause a potential health hazard if not handled carefully. Read ahead for some tips from Able Moving & Storage about the best methods of safely preparing your gym equipment for a move.

  • Clean your items:

Make sure your gym equipment is clean and sanitized. Cleaning your gym equipment is important because it helps you get rid of any dust and bacteria that you don’t want to introduce into your new home. You can use a spray bottle filled with cleaning solution and towel to clean your equipment. If you want to use something more natural, mix some water with white vinegar and use it to clean your workout items.

  • Prepare your light equipment:

When getting ready to pack your home gym equipment, start with the smallest and lightest items, such as exercise mats, and clothing, since these are the items that are most easily damaged or lost during the chaos of moving. We recommend putting your yoga mat and lightweight gym accessories in a special carrying bag, and then place that bag into a sturdy box that will protect it from being damaged by heavier items. Seal the box with tape and make sure it’s well secured.

  • Prepare your heavy equipment:

Gym equipment such as hand weights, barbells and dumbbells can be quite a nuisance during a move. For this, you may be better off using the packing materials provided by a professional moving company. Cardboard boxes will not hold heavy gym equipment since they can easily break from the bottom. Thick plastic bins are your best option, but they must have sturdy handles. Wrap each weight with some paper to prevent the weights from shifting inside of the box.

  • Prepare your large equipment:

Treadmills and other types of cardio machines are often large, heavy and expensive pieces of equipment. There are certain types that can be broken down with the right tools. Able Moving & Storage recommends that you hire professional movers to have your large equipment moved. Our professional movers have the experience and proper equipment to pack your large work out items and move them to a new location efficiently and safely.

Able Moving & Storage is an experienced moving company that regularly moves and packs home gym equipment. If you’d rather not worry about all of the stresses associated with packing and moving your gym equipment, contact us. We are happy to help you with your next move!

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