Moving Company Storage Costs

Moving companies love to gouge their customers with hidden fees and storage costs which they conveniently forget to mention in their ads. And they conveniently get rid of those reviews on their Yelp! and Angie’s List pages. At Able Moving & Storage, we are very upfront about the affordable short-term leases on our storage units. Able Moving & Storage does not hide any fees from you and actually will end up saving you quite a bit of money. While other companies invest their profits in marketing, Able Moving & Storage invests in the company’s equipment. That means we have the best trucks for transporting your valuables and the cleanest storage units so you don’t have to worry about anything gross hiding in the dark.


When it comes to storage what you are really paying for is peace of mind. That is why Able Moving & Storage spare no expense when it comes to security. Other moving companies will not only charge you more, they will provide you worse security for those additional storage costs. Every Able Moving & Storage storage facility has computerized access and 24-hour onsite personnel to make sure no one breaks in. Every Able Moving & Storage storage facility is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and trees around the fence are routinely maintained so that their branches don’t provide anyone with unauthorized access. The storage costs are well worth the security and will let you rest easy knowing that your possessions are locked up and safe.


Able Moving & Storage is the only moving company whose storage costs include routine maintenance and upkeep. Able Moving & Storage performs routine cleanings on their storage facilities so that no mold can grow in the dark. There are no cockroaches or rats or other insect infestations at an Able Moving & Storage storage facility. The only thing in your Able Moving & Storage storage unit is whatever you put in there!