Moving Company VA

The Internet has led us to believe that there are so many right answers to the question: who is the best moving company in VA. Yelp! claims to have the answer, Craigslist claims to speak the truth and so does Angie’s List but they’re all wrong. It’s a well-known fact that Able Moving & Storage is the most superior moving company in VA. It’s what our customers say and what they say to their friends, neighbors, and coworkers. It’s why we’ve been able to expand so rapidly since we first opened up in the metro D.C. area and it’s why we remain the most popular moving company. Just ask around and someone will confirm and they’ll probably mention something below.

Safety and Security

Able Moving & Storage’s movers are trained well which is what makes them the best moving company in VA. Able’s movers have experience with every major city and suburb in the metro D.C. area so you don’t need to worry about them getting lost and running up the transit costs. Able is the only moving companies in VA that can confidently say they are the most experienced moving large and fragile items. Large office computer equipment, large glass conference tables, priceless antiques; our movers have moved it all safely from point A to point B. When you’re looking for a moving company in VA, you are obviously trying to find the best deal but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice for safety. That’s one of the reasons why Able is the best moving company in VA.


Even in today’s digital day and age, it is super important to visit a business in person before agreeing to hire them. If you’re going to need storage space or suspect you might need storage space, one visit to Able Moving & Storage will prove they have the cleanest storage units. Our units are routinely maintained so that mold, cockroaches, and rats don’t get a foothold in the darkness. The only thing waiting for you when you open up your Able storage unit is whatever possessions you left in there. Other moving companies claim to offer storage but in reality, they have a friendly storage company they will throw business to. If something happens on moving day and you need storage, you’re going to get gouged by accepting some last-minute deal. Our storage units are just another reason why we are the best moving company in VA.

And storage is all about trust. How can you trust a company to store your valuables if their security is out of date? That’s why every Able Moving & Storage facility is equipped with computerized access and barbed wire fences to make sure no intruders can get in. And nearby bushes and trees are cleared so potential burglars have nowhere to hide. Every storage facility has industry standard security cameras and 24/7 onsite personnel. Our customers know that their possessions will remain safe and clean when they rent an Able storage unit.