Moving FAQ’s

The Most Common Moving Questions, Answered

You may have moved several times or this may be your very first time moving. In any case, there are questions that our moving company is frequently asked before any move. Able Moving & Storage is here to answer them for you in this article!

Q: How long will the packing process take?

A: There are many variables to consider when planning a timeline for any move. Firstly, a larger home with many large pieces of furniture, exercise equipment, and items that must be disassembled will take much longer than a small apartment with only one or two rooms and very light compact furniture. If you have a multi-story home, the packing and moving process can take a longer time as well. We are usually able to give you the most accurate estimate when we speak with you over the phone. We will ask questions like how many bedrooms do you have, how many large furniture items will there be, are you planning to move the appliances as well, and things of that nature. We may also ask if there are additional items in an outdoor shed or in the attic space that must be moved as well.

Q: What type of preparations should I take before the movers arrive?

A: This will depend on if you have hired professional packers as well. If you hired packers, you really don’t need to prepare much, unless you prefer to pack personal or more delicate items yourself. If you are doing the packing, the best way to prepare for the movers arrival is to have everything sorted into different boxes with labels. It is a good idea to also write the destination of the boxes so that the movers will know which rooms to put items in when it is time to unload the truck. If you have pets, be sure to secure them in a safe area while the movers do their work. This will prevent escaped pets and incidents where pets may get in the way of the movers. If you have smaller children, prepare them by having extra toys and keeping them in a secure or gated area so that they can remain supervised but will be out of the way of heavy furniture and potentially hazardous doorways.

Q: Will my furniture stay clean?

A: We wrap all furniture in protective padding and wraps so that the fabric is very difficult to damage or get dirty. We treat our customers’ belongings like we would our own family’s, so we take great care during the moving process to ensure it remains in good condition.

Q: Can I have my pets moved in the moving van?

A: No, we cannot move pets in our moving vans. Pets must be moved in the family car, but if this is not convenient or possible, let us know, and we’ll suggest other safe methods of moving your animals.

Q: My moving date changed. What should I do?

A: Call your moving coordinator as soon as possible to update them and find a time to reschedule that works for you.

Q: When should I call a moving company?

A: The sooner you call our company, the better. This way we can ensure that your move is taken care of on time and in an orderly fashion.

Q: Can I transport frozen goods?

A: We usually do not recommend that you transport frozen goods with our moving trucks. Ask your moving coordinator if this is a possibility for you, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Able Moving & Storage takes pleasure in assisting our customers with their moving needs. If you have any additional questions that are not listed in our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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