Moving Services In Alexandria Va Why Reputation Is Key

Finding Moving Services In Alexandria VA – Reputation Is Most Important

When making a choice regarding moving services in Alexandria Va, you may quickly discover this to be a challenging task. Regardless of if you have ever hired a moving company before or if this will be the very first time, hopefully some of the insights below will help to make the decision a bit easier for you. As a leading moving company in Northern Virginia, Able Moving & Storage is here to fill you in on what some important red flags to look out for may be. Also we will share some basic steps that will help you select wisely between various moving companies.

How To Choose A Reputable Moving Company

The very first thing to know is that any moving services in Alexandria that require cash deposits before they even begin moving any your valuables is for certain a red flag. Always read through any potential moving companies website to make certain that they have a physical address in Alexandria Virginia or whatever local Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC area you live in. You really want to look out for local or long distance movers that do not have a real physical address, such as a P.O. box. In many cases this is an indication that the business is not a reputable one…or even legitimate.  Always make sure that you find licensing information on the movers website to verify that they are licensed and insured.   By looking at a moving companies website you can, and should be able see if they are members of any organizations such as the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) or the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Reputable moving services usually are members of these organizations and is a strong sign that they are reputable and committed to providing excellent customer service.

Selecting Moving Services In Alexandria Virginia – What To Know

Don’t forget the importance of word of mouth, this can be a great resource in making sure that you are selecting the right moving company for moving services in Alexandria Va.  Go ahead and ask all of your friends if maybe they have had a good experience with any local Alexandria moving companies. Another good method is to speak with a local realtor or any trusted apartment complexes or condo communities.  When you are evaluating Alexandria area moving companies, be sure to keep in mind that purely by having a website or paid advertisement does not make a company reputable.  Once a list of potential movers is created, go ahead and contact the companies and confirm the actual business name, the number of years they have been in business, get the address and verify the phone numbers, website, email addresses, DOT and any other pertinent licenses.  Another important thing to never overlook is to be sure and check with the Better Business Bureau in your local area.

Quotes, Estimates, Referrals and Ask Around

Any reputable Alexandria moving company will definitely come out and visit your place of residence for a walk through visit.  This is so that they can provide an accurate quote on your moving services in Alexandria Va, so be sure and schedule two or more visits.  During the in-home estimate, be sure that you take the time to review with the representative each and every one of your valuables that you need moved.   The mover providing you with moving services in Alexandria Va should certainly be asking you a variety of questions in order for them to quote the move accurately. You should always feel free to ask any and all questions until you feel secure in the decision you are about to make. Be sure to inquire about valuation options. What valuation provides is protection against damage or loss to your valuables. The specific valuation option that you choose will determine which if any claim will be adjusted, as well as the maximum liability of the movers in Alexandria Virginia.  Last but not least, be very wary of quotes that are significantly lower than the others.  This is what is called “Low-ball” pricing and can result in a dangerously lower quality of service.

We hope that this will help you choose wisely when it comes to your next Alexandria area local or long distance move!

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