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Why Move to A State With a Coastline

Coastlines provide a big variety of possibilities when it comes to sports, outdoor activities, family activities, and get-togethers with friends. If you have never lived in a state that has a beach, consider moving to a state with a coastline because it is a great way to have endless outdoor adventures. The views are amazing, and there are so many things you can do on the beach!

If you have never lived in a state near a beach, you really don’t know what you’re missing! Beaches allow for amazing outdoor excursions. If you like fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, boating, or sailing, moving to a state with easy access to the coast opens up a whole new world of hobbies for you to enjoy. Many people who live inland have to drive hours and hours to finally reach an ocean. Nothing can compare to the fresh sea air that exists right by the coast.

Beach walks are always an amazing way to experience the coast as well. If you do end up moving to a place that has access to the beach, you will find yourself drawn to the sandy shore early in the morning and just before dawn to capture the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises depending on which state you are in. Florida is well known for its amazing sunsets and sunrises, and the Keys, in particular, are a great place to experience this.

If you are considering moving somewhere with a coastline, think about visiting one of these areas first to really get a feel for the benefits you will experience! There are only a few places in the world that allow for this kind of beach life. Virginia is another great state for experiencing really spectacular beach walks and views.

If you do end up moving to a state with a coastline, be sure to bring a lot of sunscreen! You will inevitably be spending your days basking in the sun! Another great tip is to research the very best beaches in the state and find out about snorkeling spots, and other fun areas that you can focus spending your time exploring. We recommend asking locals around the town to really get an idea of the best places to visit. If you have pets, research what areas are pet-friendly. Some beaches allow dogs, but many do not. If you enjoy horseback riding on the beach, be sure to find out what beach trails are nearby so that you can fully take advantage of the local beaches that allow horses.

For avid fishermen, a good tip is to ask the nearby bait and tackle shops where the very best fishing is. If you plan to fish off of the beach, you can find out the best spots and time of day or season to find the best and tastiest fish. In many cases, there will be fishing docks and bridges that are available to fish from as well. Some might enjoy going on fishing charters that have a lot of experience bringing in big hauls from the ocean!