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How To Protect Items That Are Easily Damaged

Not everyone goes through the journey of moving and comes out unscathed and without suffering losses. None of us want to have our stuff damaged or destroyed during a move. We all want out things to get to our new location in one piece. Here at Able Moving & Storage, we take extra safety precautions when packing for you. We’ve been packing our customers for over 30 years, we know exactly how to keep your valuables safe. However, if you’re looking to save some money and pack yourself, read below.

Here is a list of some of the items that could get damaged during a move and how you can protect them:

1)    Glass Cups:

Yes, I’m sure you already guessed glass cups were the first on the list. Glass cups are very delicate and break very easily. A small fall, a little pressure and even a bumpy ride could be the end of it. You can protect glass cups by wrapping it in at least three levels of wrapping paper and putting it in a dish pack box. If you don’t have special wrapping paper or a dish pack box, you can use old newspapers to wrap your glass cups and place them horizontally in a small box while keeping all the glasses tightly packed to each other.

2)    Ceramic plates:

Plates if not properly packed, are just another disaster waiting to happen. A lot of people only add one or two layers of wrapping to them and put them all together in a box. All it would take for those plates to break is just for the moving truck to go over a speed bump and boom; just like that, your favorite China are gone. To avoid this, you should wrap each plate with three-four levels of wrapping paper, and then proceed to place the plates on top of each other in a thick carton box. At the end fill the box with crumpled wrapping paper for extra protection.

3)    Mirrors:

The biggest mistake people do with mirrors is that they don’t wrap it up with bubble wrap. If you’re not wrapping your mirror with bubble wrap, then you’re just asking for it to break. So mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the safest way of them all? Mirror: “To keep me safe you should fill the inner base of a box with bubble wrap, then wrap me as well with three layers of bubble wrap and fill any spaces with crumpled paper”.

4)    Liquid cleaning products:

We would generally advise to throw out any cleaning products you have and buy some more at any store near your new location. But if you feel you need to take them with you then we can take the necessary precautions. Cleaning products, if spilled, can cause quite a mess, especially if it’s bleach. So to avoid this mess you should start by removing the cap from each bottle, proceed to cover each opening with a piece of plastic and then tightly screw the covers back on. Also, use tape for a little more protection, and make sure that the cover is secured well. That way there’s no way anything is going to spill.

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