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-5 Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Place to Move To –

We at Able Moving & Storage, Inc. love to help our customers prepare for their long distance or short distance move. Location is truly key. Sometimes, a job transfer may limit the choices you have when it comes to location, but if you do have a choice in the matter, we want to help you decide. To make it easier, we have formulated a list of the 5 most important factors to consider when deciding where to move.

  1. Consider your family’s needs first. Do you have young children that would benefit from an area with highly rated schools? Are there areas in the neighborhood you plan to move to that are safe and fun for the whole family, such as zoos, theme parks, and local playgrounds within walking distance from your desired location? All of these factors can really play an important part in your decision of where to move.
  2. Safety should always be a huge deciding factor in any move. What are the crime rates in your current city, and those of the possible destinations you are considering?
  3. Which location has the best air quality? This factor is often overlooked, but extremely important for families who may have small children or elderly family members. Living in a location with poor air quality can adversely affect the health of those that may already have breathing-related health issues like asthma or other lung conditions.
  4. The overall health of the local economy is a very strong factor to consider as well before making a decision on where to move. You are better off moving to a place with an expanding economy, that has plenty of room for new workers.
  5. Traffic volumes within the city and surrounding areas can determine how long of a daily commute you will have when getting to work and running errands. Don’t forget to compare this often overlooked variable with each city you are considering.
  6. Sometimes it is best to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Don’t hesitate to contact someone who lives in the area to get the real scoop about the city or town you are considering moving to.

All of this data can be overwhelming. Research all of these factors, and put them into a spreadsheet if you are having trouble deciding between several different cities. This way, you can see everything at once, and you can easily compare traffic levels with crime rates, school ratings, and air quality, and make a more informed decision.

Doing additional research online is always recommended as well. It may also help to get a visual feel for where you are planning to move by first looking at overhead maps, photos, and community websites. Another more accurate but also more pricey and time-consuming option is to plan to stay for a week or two in each of the cities you are considering, to really get a feel for the surroundings of your potential new city! Able Moving & Storage wishes you the best of luck on your next move!