Moving & Storage Companies

One of the greatest things about the Internet is its ability to effectively advertise businesses like moving & storage companies. Unfortunately, this has been too effective and as such, many people get tricked into paying more by bad moving & storage companies. These companies often invest their profits in phony reviews on Yelp!, Angie’s List and Craigslist to trick people into thinking they are legitimate. One such moving & storage company that does not have to rely on such cheap tricks is Able Moving & Storage, the most trusted moving & storage company in the metro D.C. area. Able Moving & Storage does not have to rely on these forms of advertisements because word of mouth is their primary form of advertisement, and it all it costs is providing professional service to every customer.

Great Customer Service

Able Moving & Storage is one of the best moving & storage companies in terms of providing customer service. Able Moving & Storage employees know that customer service is the ultimate indicator of a business’ success and we strive to make the best possible first impression. Able Moving & Storage movers are able to be courteous and polite when dealing with a customer’s needs because they are happy employees, hence why they provide the best customer service. Able Moving & Storage movers know that moving day can be very hectic, that is why it is important to show customers great customer service from the first interaction, to show them what to expect on their hectic moving day.

Storage If You Need It

Able Moving & Storage is also one of the only moving & storage companies in the metro D.C. area that offers moving and storage. Most moving & storage companies claim to offer both services but in reality, they only offer one service and through the moving and/or storage to a preferred company. These companies count on stressful people freaking out on their hectic moving day and selecting the first possible storage company if they need one. Those movers count on the customer not having enough time to shop for a more affordable storage unit. Able Moving & Storage prides itself on providing the cleanest and most affordable storage units.


Able Moving & Storage also has state of the art security at every single one of our many storage facilities. Other local moving & storage companies rely on outdated methods that are easily beaten. Every Able Moving & Storage facility relies on state of the art computerized access that keeps out unwanted thieves. Able Moving & Storage also has state of the art security cameras that are far better than any other moving & storage company’s cameras. Able Moving & Storage also has 24/7 on duty personnel that monitors the cameras and gates, just in case the impossible happens and someone makes it in. The storage units are obviously locked from the outside but are kept clean on the inside by routine cleanings. That means there are no insects or mold in your storage unit, just your possessions.