Moving With Your Furry Friends

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Transitioning to a new home is a major change in your life – for you, and for your pet! Sometimes, a new environment can be a little difficult for a pet, though. To your pet, a move can be a strange and unfamiliar experience. They are in a new place, surrounded by new things and people, and many activities in their routine and life will suddenly change. Here are a few ideas to ensure your furry friend has the best moving experience possible.

Able Moving & Storage helps you by managing your entire move from start to finish, making it easy for you and your pet to transition into your new home. Our professional house movers in Prince William, VA, give you a stress-free easy moving experience so you can start the next step of your life on the right foot. There are several ways to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible for your family pet, allowing them to adjust in the most comfortable way possible.

Reduce Disruption

Moving takes a lot of work and involves a lot of various tasks that may disrupt your normal schedule. A disruption of the normal routine can be stressful on your pets, especially if there are a lot of new people coming through your home such as realtors, potential buyers, or others assisting with the move. Throughout the process, and especially when you move into the new space, be sure to maintain your pet’s normal schedule of food, sleep, and play. When it comes to all the new faces coming through your home, it’s important to keep your pet occupied in a familiar crate or with a pet sitter they’d feel comfortable with.

Make Travel Comfortable

If you’re moving far and have never taken your pet on long trips before, prepare to make the transition comfortable for them by preparing a travel kit with a crate, water, food, and their favorite toy to keep them occupied. You may even want to take short practice drives to get your pet comfortable with being in the car.

Check Up on Shots and Tracking

If you’re traveling to a new state, you may need to provide paperwork with information about your pet’s immunizations. The start of the moving process may be the best time to make an appointment with your vet to keep all their shots up-to-date, which is also a good time to double check your pet’s IDs, tracking, emergency contact info on collars, and rabies tag.

Create a New Familiar Space

For your pet to be the most comfortable, it is important to work towards acclimating them to their new environment. Your dog will want to explore the new neighborhood, and your cat will need to slowly be exposed to all the new rooms and arrangements. While you may be tempted to get new pet furniture along with home decor, keeping the pet’s space filled with familiar items will reduce emotional stress and help your pet become comfortable in the new space.

Simple House Moving Services for You & Your Pet in Prince William County, VA

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