Northern Virginia Moving Companies

There are so many moving companies in northern Virginia that can feel impossible to pick one. People spend hours on Yelp! and Angie’s List reading fake five-star reviews that are designed to lure in gullible consumers. Able Moving & Storage is the most trusted and relied upon northern Virginia moving company because of their long track record of reliability, great customer service and affordable short-term leases on our storage units. Able Moving & Storage has locations all around northern Virginia for your convenience. Able Moving & Storage has the best movers and biggest trucks of all the northern Virginia moving companies.

Local Experts

Able Moving & Storage is one of the only northern Virginia moving companies that can honestly say it only employs local experts. Every mover at Able Moving & Storage is adept at finding the shortcuts during rush hour traffic that save you time and money. Able Moving & Storage is the only company that can be trusted when you are looking for a safe and reliable moving company. When you use Able Moving & Storage you get local experts that don’t spend half an hour circling the block to avoid parking on a city street. Able Moving & Storage movers are familiar with the area and provide the fastest results because of it.


Maybe you need storage before your big move or maybe something comes up and you need storage space. Either way, Able Moving & Storage has you covered. Able Moving & Storage offers competitive rates on short-term leases for large and small storage units. Their movers are prepared to offer you deals on moving day just in case anything goes wrong. And Able Moving & Storage is one of the few northern Virginia moving companies that doesn’t outsource their storage needs to another company. They can handle all your moving and storage needs and offer you a low rate. This is just one of the many reasons why Able Moving & Storage is the most trusted northern Virginia moving company.

Great Customer Service

It goes without saying that customer service is the most reliable way to gauge a business. By that metric, Able Moving & Storage is the best northern Virginia moving company. They offer the best customer service because their employees strive to offer you the best possible service. Able Moving & Storage employees know that moving day is very hectic and stressful which is why they always provide great customer service whenever they handle your moving and storage needs.