Office Downsizing & Keeping Your Team Safe

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Recent reports have found that an increasing number of COVID-19 cases are appearing in Virginia once again. This development will require that we follow proper prevention guidelines such as social distancing and wearing masks and gloves. However, businesses can also respond to these challenges in other, more significant, ways.

At Able Moving & Storage, we work through these challenges in order to  continue helping our customers. Businesses still need professional moving office services while homeowners still depend on move-out and storage assistance. For over 30 years, we’ve worked in Manassas, VA and the Northern Virginia area, and we’ve faced numerous challenges and dilemmas. But with proper planning and cooperation, we’ve exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Below, we discuss what role “downsizing” plays in our response to the pandemic. We also examine other services that ensure the safety of our employees and customers going forward:

What “Downsizing” Means

Although the effects of the pandemic are different from business to business, many organizations have implemented a particular strategy called “downsizing”.

This term may suggest a negative definition, but it actually refers to reducing the physical size of a business. By moving to a smaller shop or office, a business can decrease overhead costs and keep things running smoothly.

Our downsizing services at Able Moving & Storage allow us to assist businesses trying to stay afloat during this challenging time.

We provide affordable and customized moving services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. By adjusting their responses, businesses can be flexible and adapt to the reality of the pandemic.

Other Ways to Keep Your Team Safe

At Able Moving & Storage, we not only help businesses downsize through various moving services but also provide further services to support office adaptations.

For example, we offer safe storage and workplace reorganization for businesses trying to remove or shift around furniture, equipment, and other objects.

With this, we help them create more space that complies with proper social distancing standards.

How Else Can Able Moving & Storage Help?

Through these difficult times, we have learned to take a more proactive approach in our business.

We are a family values-based company and helping support our community in any way is what we feel is right. Doing so ensures our local communities and other organizations are efficiently taken care of.

Right now, we aim to maintain the safety of our employees and our clients throughout Northern Virginia and beyond.

We follow local, state, and federal guidelines as strictly as possible. We’re also adjusting our services in order to benefit the companies and people who need them most.

Able Moving & Storage: Professional Moving Office Services in Manassas, VA

Further changes will continue to occur during this pandemic, and the topics discussed above provide a few ideas of how businesses may respond. But no matter what effects the situation has on your business, Able Moving & Storage will adapt our services to address your needs. We provide safe moving office services along with storage and office reorganization services. Able Moving & Storage of Manassas, VA has thrived for more than 30 years, working through the challenges of our industry. We will continue striving to succeed and helping other businesses succeed.

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