Office Move Companies

The Internet has led us to believe that there are so many good office moving companies and they are all the same. The truth is there is only one good office moving company and that is Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage is the best and most affordable office moving company in the metro D.C. area.

Experienced Commercial Movers

One thing you can count on when you hire Able Moving & Storage is experienced movers. All our movers are experienced commercial movers who can lift any sort of office equipment. Large and fragile office computer equipment? We’ve moved it. Large glass conference tables? Every time we deliver them, we deliver them without a scratch. Then there’s the desks and chairs, those are the easiest things to lift but they take up a lot of space. Able Moving & Storage specializes in commercial moving which is why they have the biggest moving trucks in the metro D.C. area. It’s what makes them the speediest and most efficient movers in the metro D.C. area.


Another way Able Moving & Storage is superior to other moving companies is that we have the best rates of storage. We offer the affordable rates on short-term leases for large, medium, and small units. Our units are routinely maintained so that cockroaches, insects, and rats don’t get a foothold in the darkness. Other office moving companies love to claim they offer storage but in reality, they throw all their storage business to a friendly company. This makes the costs go up fairly quickly.

Able also has the most secure storage facilities in the area. They are the most secure of all the office moving companies because of their computerized access, barbed wire fences, industry standard security cameras and 24/7 on-site personnel. It’s things like this that make Able the most superior choice of all the metro D.C. office moving companies.