Office Mover

Mistakes People Make Looking For Office Mover

People make so many mistakes when they are looking for office movers. The first mistake is they rely on websites like Angie’s List, Craigslist, and Yelp! to recommend office movers. These websites can be helpful but you do not know the person posting the review so how can you trust it? Someone who thinks they shouldn’t have to pay extra because “all movers are the same” may give 5 stars to the cheapest company just for being the cheapest. You also do not know what their track record is for transporting filing cabinets, conference tables, and other large office furniture. Of course, you can choose to avoid all these issues and simply call Able Moving & Storage for your office mover needs. We are the number one recommended office moving company in the metro D.C. area and our rates are among the most affordable.

Great Customer Service

Obviously, the biggest mistake people make when looking for corporate office movers is they do not call Able Moving & Storage. So what does Able Moving & Storage offer that the competition can’t? Well for starters, phenomenal customer service. Able Moving & Storage movers are better than other office movers because we understand the value of a first impression. Whether you are visiting a local Able Moving & Storage office or arranging services over the phone, Able Moving & Storage can be counted on to handle all your needs in a professional and polite manner. Our movers will walk through the different moving and storage packages we offer to determine what is best for your office. And that good customer service extends throughout your entire time with Able Moving & Storage because our movers are experienced and will not add any stress to your already hectic day. That is why Able Moving & Storage is the most trust named in metro D.C. area when it comes to office movers.

Storage If You Need It

Another mistake people make is contacting office movers who claim to offer moving and storage but really only offer moving. Usually, they have some friendly business they will refer you to meaning you have to deal with a second company. If something unexpected happens on moving day and you need quick storage options, these office movers will push you to their preferred storage company that will count on you not having enough time to evaluate their deal. It is very common for people who experience emergencies on moving and do not use Able Moving & Storage to get gauged on storage fees. Able Moving & Storage, on the other hand, prides itself in offering the most affordable short-term leases on storage units.

Able Moving & Storage has safer storage facilities than other office movers because of our numerous state of the art and industry standard safety features. Able Moving & Storage storage facilities feature computerized access, 24/7 on-duty personnel, security cameras and barbed wire fences. The areas surrounding the fences are clear of trees and bushes so intruders have nowhere to hide. Each storage unit is accessible by you and you only and all units are routinely cleaned. That means there is no mold, insect infestations or other creepy crawlies hiding in the dark. So when you close the storage door and lock it, the only thing hiding inside the storage unit is whatever you put in there. Cheap and clean storage units are just a few of the many reasons why Able Moving & Storage is the best choice when looking for office movers in the metro D.C. area.