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Common Office Supplies That Must Be Packed For A Move

Many of us know that when you work in an office, there is constant organizing to do. If you are gearing up for a move, Able Moving & Storage is happy to provide help with professional moving and packing services. To help you prepare, we have put together a list of common items that you should consider putting together to get ready for your packers and movers.

  1. Electronics – Computers, printers, laptops, and telephones can be grouped together. They will need special protective packaging to ensure that they do not become broken during the move. Monitors can be easily scratched and will need to be wrapped with material to prevent damage. Make sure you unplug and keep all of the wires that go with each device in the same area and label them to ensure they don’t become misplaced. This will make things much easier when it comes time to set up the electronic equipment in your office again.
  2. Office Supplies – Paper products like files, folders, and mail should be stacked and labeled appropriately. If documents are of high importance, be sure to request that they are placed in waterproof plastic bins. If privacy is an issue, consider purchasing boxes that allow padlocks or coded entry for sensitive files and data. Supplies such as staplers, scissors, pens, and things of that nature should be packed up together as well.
  3. Digital Media – Data that is stored in external hard drives must be packed safely and securely to prevent damage and data loss. Software should be packaged and labeled to prevent cracked or scratched discs.
  4. Personal Belongings – Employees that have items such as photos and decorative pieces that are of a personal nature should take care to label and box their belongings separately from office objects. This will ensure the safety of all items and create less clutter overall when it is time to unpack.