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Essential Items To Have When Moving Offices

When summer comes to an ending and schools are about to start, it’s common to go out shopping for school bags, pencils and pens, notebooks and other important stuff. We did that so that we were prepared for the new school year. Like that you should always be prepared for your moving day. Here are a few must-have items you’re going to need when you move.Spackle, putty

1. Spackle, putty knife and paint:

So you’ve taken some paintings, shelves, and mirrors off the wall and are now left with ugly holes on it. Your landlord is going to be mad about this since you made an agreement with him that you wouldn’t make any holes. To solve this, get a container of spackle, fill the hole with some of it and then use the putty knife to smoothen it out over the wall. After that, use a little paint on it so that it matches the wall.

2. Permanent Markers:

You will need permanent markers to mark cardboard boxes and containers to indicate the stuff that is in them. This will benefit you when you reach your new location by helping you decide what to unpack first. This will also help your movers when they decide what to put where in the moving truck. It’s also a good way to warn them of being careful with delicate stuff.

3. Tape, lots of it.

You’re going to need lots of tape when packing stuff. Don’t be stingy when using tape to wrap the carton boxes and containers. Use three-four layers to cover the openings of boxes. If you want to pack glasses, wrap it up in thick layers of paper and for extra protection cover it entirely with tape.

4. First-Aid Kit:

You’re going to need a first-aid kit at hand. Plenty of accidents happen during a move, so scratches and a few bruises are a possibility. Having a first aid kit will enable you to cover up wounds to avoid them from getting infected.

These are just a few helpful items to have around during your move. If you’re looking for more information to help plan for your move, our website is an excellent source as well as our staff. Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to share our abundant knowledge about moving, packing, and storage. (703) 330-3772

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