Office Relocation Company

Signs of A Bad Office Relocation Company

There are a lot of companies in the northern Virginia area that claim to be expert office relocation companies but the truth is very few are. And there are very few office relocation companies better suited to handle your corporate relocation than Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage is a uniquely qualified office relocation company that can handle your office relocation needs. Our customers are customers for life because Able Moving & Storage provides top notch storage, customer service, safety and possesses expert local knowledge that could save you money.


Some office relocation companies don’t even offer storage to their office relocation clients. Able Moving & Storage offers storage to all their office relocation clients because you never know what might happen on the hectic moving day. It is routine for miscommunication to lead to unexpected results which is why it’s always best to have the option of storage.

Customer Service

Another sign of a bad office relocation company is their customer service. It’s yet another advantage to using local moving companies like Able Moving & Storage for your office relocations. When you use Able Moving & Storage for your office relocations you get quick and accessible customer service. It’s common knowledge the best way to judge a company is by its customer service. A good company with happy and dedicated employees will have great customer service. Companies like Able Moving & Storage are well equipped to give good customer service.


Another sign of a bad company is their record for safety. This is one of the few times companies like Yelp! and Angie’s List are useful. Both sites will say Able Moving & Storage is the right choice for your office relocation services. Able Moving & Storage saves you time by loading and unloading all your possession onto our trucks. Our movers are in great shape and nothing is too big. Our movers specialize in office relocation services. Our drivers have expertise knowledge of the area and can take the fastest routes without any risk to your possessions.

Expert Local Knowledge

Another sign of a bad company is using seasonal or inexperienced labor. Able Moving & Storage’s office relocation movers are all locals, which means we know the shortcuts during rush hour traffic. Able Moving & Storage drivers are adept at avoiding narrow roads and find the ultimate unloading areas. Other local moving companies rely on seasonal laborers that are inexperienced with office relocation services. And when their drivers get lost or stuck in traffic, their bosses pass that on to you. Our drives are natives with expert knowledge of the area.