Packing 101 – How to Properly Pack and Store Your Belongings

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Packing—a task many homeowners dread when moving. You never realize many household belongings you have until you attempt to put them all into boxes. Between purchasing or finding enough boxes, keeping fragile items secure, and transporting the boxes to the new residence, it’s no surprise that many homeowners consider packing their least favorite part of the moving process.

Packing does not need to be confusing or stressful with the proper packing techniques.  As a residential moving company in Northern Virginia, we are here to help make your moving process as easy as possible with expert advice. Here is our easy-to-follow guide for how to properly pack and store your items while moving:

Packing Tips

No matter the circumstances of your move, packing can be a bit tricky.  You must make sure that all of your items are packed properly and safely to avoid them getting damaged or lost. Below are a few suggestions for packing from your local Northern Virginia moving company:

  1. Make Sure Your Items are Protected: When packing, make sure that your belongings, especially fragile ones, will stay protected during your move. For anything you pack (even non-fragile items), it is a good idea to line the bottom of the box with packing paper. This will help prevent any small pieces from falling through any cracks or damages in the bottom of the box, and will also help give your items a cushion for protection. Wrap fragile items individually with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or packing paper to ensure they stay intact through the entire move.
  2. Box Heavier Items on Bottom: As you pack, pay attention to how you load your boxes. You should avoid simply tossing your belongings into the box in any order. Place heavier items such as books and electronics into the box first. Then place lighter items such as folders, papers, and clothing on top. Boxes with heavier items near the top may squish any lighter items on the bottom. Remember, however, that you should not make your boxes too heavy. If you have a lot of heavy items, consider distributing these items evenly throughout different boxes.
  3. Pack Your Boxes by Room: To make sure you can easily find all of your belongings while unpacking, pack your things room-by-room. Try to keep all of your bedroom items in one or a few boxes, and your living room items in other boxes, for example. Dedicate however many boxes you need to a certain room, and make sure the items match. Label the outside of your box with the name of the respective room so you can easily keep track.

Storage Tips

Your move may require that you store some of your household goods during the moving process until you can retrieve them later. You need to make sure that your items stay secure for the duration of their storage. Here is what you should know about storing your items.

  1. Consider Temperature: Many household belongings are temperature-sensitive and should not be stored in very hot or very cold weather. Some of these items include furniture, photographs, paintings, and appliances. Your basement during winter most likely isn’t the best place to store your items before moving to your new residence. To ensure your temperature-sensitive items stay safe, it is best that you use a professional climate-controlled storage facility in Northern Virginia.
  2. Choose Proper Storage Materials: When storing items, you must make sure the materials they are stored in will last the entire time you need storage. Cardboard boxes are not a very durable choice, especially if you store your items in a humid place. Cardboard boxes are susceptible to ripping, deterioration, and breaking. Instead, opt for some plastic storage bins for more durable storage. Again, remember to keep your stored items out of very cold or very hot places.


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