Pentagon City Moving Company

How to Weed Out a Bad Pentagon City Moving Company

There are so many Pentagon City moving companies that try to disguise themselves as good moving companies. They use a variety of tactics like posting fake reviews on Yelp! and Angie’s List to convince consumers that this is, in fact, high-quality service. That’s why it’s important to always visit a Pentagon City moving company before you enlist their services. Able Moving & Storage is the most honest Pentagon City moving company so they don’t have to rely on cheap Internet tactics like other Pentagon City moving companies. They proudly stand on their track record of proven excellence when they offer you the lowest rates for the highest quality service. They also offer affordable and competitive storage rates with attractive short-term leases in case something goes wrong.


This is the first thing everyone notices when they walk into the offices of an Pentagon City moving company. In an Able Moving & Storage office, you will find an organized billing system meticulously updated so there’s no chance you get double billed. You will also see our receptionists taking organized notes over the phone so that any employee can refer to them later without confusion. Other Pentagon City moving companies will have dirty offices that are incredibly unorganized. This gives the impression that the company is chaotic and there is not strong leadership. Able Moving & Storage offices are well organized because they only employ the best movers and drivers. Remember, the office is what they present to the world so a dirty office could mean an even dirtier storage unit or moving truck.

Great Customer Service

This is another thing that everyone notices when they walk into the offices of an Pentagon City moving company. Sometimes a phone call is enough to tell you about the Pentagon City moving company. If the receptionist is curt or rude, it could mean they are an unhappy employee. This is a clear sign not to use this Pentagon City moving company. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the phone or in person, Able Moving & Storage’s receptionists will always be polite and understanding because they know how stressful a big move can be. Customer service is the most surefire way to evaluate any Alexandria moving company and you will see Able Moving & Storage only hires the best people.


A good Pentagon City moving company shows up when they say they are going to show up. Able Moving & Storage is an Pentagon City moving company that understands how stressful and chaotic local traffic can be. That’s why they take traffic and other variables into consideration when moving your precious belongings. Able Moving & Storage’s track record proves their movers and trucks will always show up at the agreed upon time. Timeliness is just another thing Able Moving & Storage does better than every other Pentagon City moving company.


Able Moving & Storage knows that anything can go wrong on move-in day which is why the offer competitive rates on storage units. They offer affordable short term and long term options on their storage units. They are the only Pentagon City moving company that is prepared to handle such emergencies. Not only are their storage units reliable, they’re safe. They’re in the safest possible areas, near major roads and well-lit shopping centers. Their storage facilities also feature industry standard cameras to protect your valuables day and night. Every Pentagon City storage facility has its own 24/7 onsite personnel to make sure there are no intruders. Able Moving & Storage takes security and storage very seriously and it is part of their full bundle of services they offer.