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How To Pick The Right Storage Facility

You need a safe place to store a couple of prized possessions, like maybe your baseball card collection, antique vase or even an art piece you made, that your wife finds hideous (it’s ok, we’ve all been there). So how do you make sure that the storage company you choose values the safety of your possessions as much as you do?

In addition to considering the size and price of a unit, you should look for these attributes in a storage facility:

  • Great customer-care service:

Once you contact a Storage company by calling or emailing them, you can judge how good their customer care is by how well they address all your questions and concerns, how long they take to reply and how nice the customer care-representatives are to you. Great customer care indicates that a company is well-organized.

  • Safety and Security:

You definitely don’t want your stuff to get stolen. So make sure you find a storage company that has a really good security system in place. A well- secured facility consists of high-quality modern security cameras, gates with computerized access, good lighting and guards on duty or a manager on-site.

  • Clean and no creepy-crawlies:

The storage company’s office is a great indicator of how well maintained and well organized the company is. If the office is dusty, smells bad or has dirt all over the floor, then that could be an indicator that the staff won’t take care of your belongings, in the same manner, they neglected the company’s office. Also, you definitely don’t want to store your stuff in a place that is overrun by pests. Rats can chew a lot of different stuff, moths can ruin your rugs and cockroaches can move into your favorite couch. The thought of it, I’m sure, gives you the chills.

  • Accessibility:

Keep in mind that not all storage companies are open 24/7. Some are only accessible on the weekend or just three times a week. So you have to make sure that the storage company you plan to store your things in gives you access to your belongings depending on your needs.

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