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Military life usually involves a lot of moving, to the point that it seems you receive a moving order as soon as you finally settle down somewhere. However, the military does provide some support for these relocations, including the Personally Procured Move (PPM) program. This popular option entails that you voluntarily move yourself, your family, and your belongings in exchange for reimbursement of moving expenses. Although it may sound like a hassle, this army move program can provide cost savings, extra time, and complete control.

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Below, we discuss the advantages and types of PPM military moves:


The advantages of PPMs, which many people deem enough to bear the responsibility of moving, include:

  • Cost Savings: Under the Personally Procured Move (PPM) program, the service person receives a government reimbursement equal to 95% the cost of moving. Additionally, their family earns travel allowances and $25,000 of insurance coverage. Best of all, they can retain the remaining funds if they spend less than the government’s payout.
  • Extra Time: When ordered to move to another place, a service person usually receives permissive Temporary Duty (TDY), or travel time, to complete their moving preparations. With PPM, they receive even more time for relocation. If they arrange their move efficiently, they may spend their time off as they wish.
  • Complete Control: Many service people have been unhappy with government-handled relocation. However, the PPM program gives service people total control of their move, which is especially useful if the service person has just a few items.


If the advantages of a PPM make it worthwhile to you, you should choose how you’d like to implement your move. The military provides several options, including:

  • Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs): A POV PPM allows you to use your own (or a borrowed) vehicle, with a few conditions. Most importantly, you must bear the upfront cost of moving as well as the vehicle’s depreciation. Also, you must provide a current vehicle registration. The vehicle must offer “cargo” functionality, not just passenger use. Finally, if you’re borrowing a vehicle, you must have the express, written permission of the vehicle’s owner to use it.
  • Government-Arranged Mobile Home Shipment: If you’d like to move your mobile home to your new station, PPM can help you do so. Household items—including heavy appliances, furnishings, and structures—can also be transported at government cost. However, they must be removed from a mobile home to meet the PPM program’s safety requirements.
  • Rental Vehicles: When you rent moving vehicles, rather than using POVs, the government may provide you with an upfront payment to cover the authorized mileage and shipment weight. Storage at the destination is also reimbursed, though you’re responsible for it upfront. The downside of using rental vehicles is that you must pack, load, drive, unload, and unpack everything yourself.
  • You Load & They Drive: As the name suggests, this method involves you packing and loading, a commercial moving company transporting your belongings, and you unloading after their arrival. This approach allows you to fly or use another means to reach your destination, which is helpful for long-distance moves. Make sure the moving company provides an ICC number, State or Federal Regulation numbers, and weight tickets.

For eligibility information and how to execute a PPM, speak to your base Personal Property Transportation Office (PTO).

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Army Move Haymarket VA

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