Professional Movers and Packers

So you’ve already bought your new dream home and need to move to it. You start looking for professional moving companies to ease the moving process. As the days pass by you finally find the most suitable company for you and you hire them. How do you prepare yourself, your family and your stuff for the arrival of the professional movers and packers?

Things to do before your hired professional packers arrive:

  • Get rid of the stuff you don’t need:

It doesn’t make sense having the stuff you don’t need or will never use in the future, packed and delivered to your new location. Not only will it clutter your new home and use up space you could use for other useful stuff, but it will also increase the cost you have to pay at the end.

  • Get rid of stuff packers won’t pack:

Ask your professional moving packers for a list of stuff they won’t agree to pack. But generally most professional moving companies don’t pack:

  • Flammable or Hazardous items: Such as Chemicals, deodorants, weapons and other items that might put your stuff and the movers’ health at risk.
  • Plants: Because plants are extremely fragile and might not survive the trip.
  • Food: Frozen and fresh foods are not packed either since they can make a mess or could go bad during the trip. Use up all your eatables prior to your relocation.
  • Inventory all your stuff:

Make an inventory of the stuff you’re going to be relocating. This is advised so that you ensure everything reaches safely and that nothing goes missing or gets stolen during the move. This will help you keep a track of all your possessions.

  • Create a No-Pack zone:

Make sure you reserve a spot in your current location for stuff you won’t be taking to your new home or don’t want the packers to pack. Moving can get quite chaotic, and in that chaos, stuff that you don’t want might get packed anyways. So to avoid that, you can put those things in a separate room or add sticky notes to each item that packers can easily notice.

  • Pack up precious items yourself:

It is advised that you pack up belongings that might be precious to you such as family photos and jewelry yourself. Small things tend to get lost during packing. So it’s better if you pack, and move them yourself.

  • Safety first:

You should have a family gathering where you inform your loved ones of the possible health hazards of relocating. You must ensure that none of your kids are in the path of movers while heavy stuff is being taken out of your home. Relocating can be stressful and so you should find ways to ease the burden on yourself as well as your family.