Professional Movers Prepare For Peak Moving Season

Our Professional Movers Are Highly Trained

The professional movers here at Able Moving & Storage are ready to meet peak moving season with our recent company-wide training! From Memorial Day through Labor Day we are at our busiest helping people all over the region undertake moves large and small – across town, across the country, even across the world. In preparation for the season, we gathered our team to review the practices that make Able Moving & Storage the most reliable, highest quality moving company we can be.

Able Moving & Storage Conducts Training For Peak Season

We start, as always, with a direct focus on our customers because we understand that our business is only as strong as our customer satisfaction. Our training initiative began with reviewing our commitment to good customer communication and maintaining a positive, courteous attitude at all times. As the Northern Virginia professional movers of choice when trust matters, we know that moving can be a challenge. You deserve to know what to expect from your moving company and we strive to always give you timely, accurate information in a professional manner. Our customer service training also reviewed the importance of home and building safety. As movers, we are guests in both your old space and your new one. Our training reiterated to our team that we are partners in keeping these areas safe; this is a serious responsibility.

Customer Service, Communications and Service Delivery

movers-northern-va-ableBecause great customer service is built on an efficient office and employing only the very best professional movers in Northern Virginia, our training initiative also addressed how to meet the highest standards behind-the-scenes. Serving our private, commercial, and government customers while they make short-distance, long-distance, and international moves, requires careful planning and management. Paperwork is the invisible but crucial part of our service that allows your experience to be a smooth one. Our team has reviewed the importance of properly maintaining paperwork of all kinds so that your move can go forward without unnecessary delays or confusion. We also addressed inventory management and other internal issues so that our team understands how workflow in our warehouses fits into delivering great customer service.

Whether your move involves personal items or the contents of your office, Able Moving & Storage understands that everything you’re bringing with you should arrive in one piece so you can get settled as soon as possible. We appreciate that when you select the professional movers at Able Moving & Storage as your professional moving company, you are trusting us with the things you’ll need to be comfortable and productive in your new space.
That’s why our training initiative also specifically reviewed the importance of furniture wrapping and handling. We’ve drawn on our years of professional moving experience in the Northern Virginia area to train new team members in professional handling of your furniture so that your items are safe and secure.

Expert Professional Movers – Local, Long Distance, Government, Commercial

Our professional movers will be making sure that your items are properly handled doesn’t end when everything is wrapped and protected – packing, loading, and unloading are also crucial links in the process of getting you moved. Our customers require a wide variety of services, with transportation by land and sea. So our training initiative reviewed packing, loading and unloading practices for trucks, storage containers, and international shipping containers. For each of these, we train our team on safety and efficiency so your move goes forward smoothly.

Training day at Able Moving & Storage is about team building through a shared goal — giving our customers the very best service possible. We recognize that great service is more than just one friendly company representative or doing an adequate job at transporting your possessions from here to there. Our movers in Northern Virginia know very well that great service comes from setting a high standard for direct contact with customers, as well as administrative competence, professional handling of your items, and preparation for safe transit or storage. Our training initiative is all about keeping our focus on your moving experience. That means we strive for the best on the phone, on the truck, in the office – everywhere!

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