Professional Moving Companies

Identifying a Professional Moving Company

A lot of people laugh when they hear the phrase “professional moving companies” but
they’re real. Athletes and poker players aren’t the only people who are professionals. It’s true,
the movers at Able Moving & Storage do not wear tuxedos or drive fancy cars but they
provide professional service making Able Moving & Storage a professional moving company.
Any company that provides professional service is a professional company and there are few
professional moving companies like Able Moving & Storage. So what sets aside a professional
moving and storage company from some guys with a truck?

Great Customer Service
The easiest way to identify a professional moving company like Able Moving & Storage
is their customer service. It’s common knowledge the best way to judge a company is by its
customer service. A good company with happy and dedicated employees will have great
customer service. Companies like Able Moving & Storage are well equipped to give good
customer service. Other companies in the area rely on seasonal labor and people unfamiliar with
the company. These people are more likely to give bad customer service and act

Safety and Security
Another way to identify a professional moving company like Able Moving Storage is
their track records for safety and timeliness. Able Moving Storage guarantees you get to save
time on a hectic day by using a local moving company. Able Moving Storage saves you time
by loading and unloading all your possession onto our trucks. Our movers are in great shape and
nothing is too big. Our movers specialize in corporate relocations and they have experience
moving large office furniture like filing cabinets, computers, and conference tables. They’re also
expert residential movers too. Our drivers have expert knowledge of the area and can take the
fastest routes without any risk to your possessions. These are just three reasons why Able
Moving & Storage comes so highly recommended and our customers are customers for life.

Excellent Storage
Another good sign of a professional moving company is their storage units. Some storage
units in northern Virginia are known to have rats, cockroaches, and other creepy crawlies. Able
Moving & Storage is known for having some of the cleanest units in the area. The staff at Able
Moving & Storage does routine sweeps to check for cleanliness and rodent infestations. You can
also gauge the cleanliness of a storage facility by the state of their office. Is it dusty? Does it
smell musty? Or is it well organized and brightly lit? The state of the office is often times the
state of the storage unit. But neither of these are a problem when you use Able Moving &