Questions To Ask A Moving Company

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If you’re looking to move then, you’re going to have to look for the right professional moving company because you’re entrusting strangers with your belongings. To find the right moving company you obviously have to ask them some questions to learn if they’re trustworthy and offer the services you need.

Here are a few questions you should ask:

1)    Are you the Mover or just the broker:

A broker’s job is to match customers with professional moving companies. However, you should understand that brokers cannot give you an estimation of the moving cost nor is he responsible for any loss or damages of your possessions.

2)    How much is it going to cost:

It is not advised to ask for prices on the phone or online since these prices could change once the movers have inspected your stuff. Make sure the company you’re hiring visits your location and takes a look at what you want to move so that they can give you a proper estimate. Also, ask them if they have binding quotes.

3)    Is there a possibility of me being charged extra?

If you want to move stuff like Pianos, Motor Bikes, and pool tables, then it might increase the cost you’re going to be charged. Long distance moves, Flight costs, and storage are also instances in which you could be charged more.

4)    How should I pay you?

It is not recommended that you hire a mover that only accept cash because that means that they’re not professionals. Also, professional movers don’t typically ask for upfront fees, so keep that in mind.

5)    What kind of insurance do you accept and do you have a better option for me?

Most companies offer coverage of about 60 cents per pound. For a higher price, you might get more. So if for example, the stuff that you want to transfer is expensive, then it’s best to invest more on the insurance.

6)    What happens if something breaks?

Ask them how they’re going to handle the situation if something is damaged during the trip. Also, ask them who will accept its responsibility and understand that you might not be reimbursed for something that you didn’t pack well.

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