Questions To Ask When Evaluating Movers

Able Moving & Storage, as one of the National leading moving companies, our primary goal is to provide a superior moving experience. We make it a point to relieve any stresses that can be caused by a move by genuinely caring about our customers. We feel it is important to get certain questions answered when evaluating a moving company…whether it is through us or not.  Below are some very important question you should be asking,

  1. Registration Number – The moving company you speak with should have a registration number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), called a USDOT number (US Department of Transportation Number). However, if a company only travels within one state, than they may not be registered.
  2. Rates and Estimates – Ask what there rate is; most moving companies will provide a rate per pound as well as a distance rate. If the company offers a moving quote based on cubic feet, do not hire them. A company estimate must be based on weight if you’re moving long-distances. For short-distances, some companies will charge you a per hour rate. Both the hourly rate and that poundage rate will not change, whereas the estimate can depending on the type the carrier provides. Keep in mind that the moving company must give you an estimate in writing and they must provide you with a copy of that estimate. The estimate must include all charges and both you and the mover must sign it for it to be an agreement. The estimate must also indicate the method of payment and be dated.
  3. Subcontractors – Some of the larger movers subcontract to a smaller company. If this is the case with the company you are thinking of using, ask for the subcontractor’s name and if the company uses several subcontractors, ask for a complete list. If the mover is uncertain, ask them to find out and get back to you. This information should be readily available and should not be withheld.
  4. Additional Fees – Find out if there are any additional fees or when additional fees apply. Some companies will charge extra for awkward items, or if the destination does not have easy access, or if the load has to be hand-carried over a certain distance. To avoid such costs, note any larger items and pre-arrange where the truck can park, if there are any stairs, and if you are moving to a condo or high-rise, investigate any possible obstructions such as elevator usage and load restrictions.
  5. Additional Transfers – For long distance moves some companies may transfer your belongings from one truck to another. Additional transfers increase the possibility of damage and loss. Keep this in mind when you are choosing your carrier and ask beforehand.
  6. Insurance – Ask detailed questions about insurance. The moving company will provide insurance at an additional cost. Insurance is usually based on weight, so you will need to assess the value of your goods versus what the insurance policy will provide should your belongings arrive damaged or not at all.

So there you have it!  This is by no means a complete list of what you should be asking, since everyone has their own unique moving needs.  We do think this is certainly a good start as to what you need to find out in order to make sure you are dealing with a reputable moving company.

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