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-Top 5 Reasons People Move-

The different reasons people relocate can vary from family to family and from person to person. Relocation is very common, and the average person moves 11.5 times over their lifetime. Some people love moving, and others find it stressful. Below, we have provided a list of the top 5 reasons people move.  

  1. Work – Some people may wish to change their career, or other times their current jobs require that they move, due to a company-wide relocation or expansion. Certain careers may even require frequent or seasonal moves that are only temporary. Promotions may allow some to move into a larger home in a nicer area, while pay cuts may make others think about downsizing to a more economical housing option.
  2. Relationship Changes – When someone’s relationship changes, their living situation may also be affected. It is common for many to be moving in with someone new, or also moving out of a shared space to be on their own.
  3. A Growing Family – When a family is growing, their space requirements increase substantially. This is a very common reason for a family to look into moving to a new home with more bedrooms and living space.
  4. School – For those who are going to school, it is usually recommended to plan out a living scenario that will be convenient for a daily commute to class, and economical at the same time. School is a very common reason that people move, and is often one of the first times in the adult life of many that they are required to move.
  5. Becoming A Homeowner – First-time homeowners are eager to leave the renting life behind and jump into a new life. This is one of the most common reasons people move.  

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