Rockville Storage

There are many options for storage in Rockville but the most reliable option for Rockville storage is Able Moving & Storage. It doesn’t matter if you are storing precious glassware or priceless antiques, your valuables are valuable to you and you want a Rockville storage company that feels the same. But with so many websites telling you so many different things it can be difficult to determine what exactly you need. That is why Able Moving & Storage is prepared to offer honest service to help you determine what storage unit best fits your needs. Below is a checklist to follow when you are renting storage in Rockville.

Step 1

The first step to finding Rockville storage is to call Able Moving & Storage to determine how they can best fit your storage needs. Or better yet, go visit one of their Rockville storage facilities so you can see for yourself the kind of quality storage you are paying for. It is important to contact Able Moving & Storage once you know what exactly you want to store. If it’s office supplies and filing cabinets you may need a bigger unit if it’s just some chairs and valuables you can get by with a smaller unit. Able Moving & Storage offers competitive rates for both.

Step 2

The second step when looking for Rockville storage is to examine the storage unit. It is important to examine the storage unit to see how clean it is. After all, that’s where you’re going to be storing your valuables. You will notice that every Able Moving & Storage storage unit is well maintained to keep out mold and insect infestations.

Step 3

Safely pack your valuables. If you’re looking to pack fine china or other sentimental ceramics you should pack the boxes with extra blankets and pillows if you have any. Other people also use old clothes or newspaper to secure their valuables in the box. Make sure you have the right size boxes too! You don’t want to make multiple trips to the store! If you’re looking to store large office equipment or something of a similar size you should look into renting a truck to get your valuables to the unit.

Step 4

The final step in finding Rockville storage is to pack your valuables in the storage unit. Make sure you place your valuables safely in the storage unit. Don’t stack boxes on top of each other in an unsafe way. In fact, you shouldn’t pack any boxes higher than your waist if you can avoid it. Make sure you give yourself a lot of room to maneuver in the unit. The best way to do this is to put all your boxes at the back wall of the unit. This will come in handy later when you’re getting your valuables out of storage.