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Company Overview

Able Moving & Storage is a highly respected moving and storage firm located in Capitol Hill DC. Founded in 1987, Able Moving & Storage is a family owned company, and one of the largest independent moving companies in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Able Moving & Storage’s dedicated leadership and employees consistently work to provide the best, most professional, responsive, and safe relocation services available to corporate, government, residential, and commercial clients on the move. In the role of client advocate, Able Moving & Storage brings extensive management, planning, and operations experience in performing the necessary solutions for your firm’s relocation needs. Able Moving & Storage performs requirements under various contracts with large corporations as well as with the U.S. Government. We are familiar with all requirements necessary to ensure the safe, secure, and efficient packing, transportation, unpacking, and storage for domestic and international relocations.

Residential Moving & Storage Services

Able Moving & Storage provides consistent professional service to our clientele in Capitol Hill DC.  Able Moving & Storage’s professional movers are part of an elite squad that are highly sought out in Capitol Hill DC and across the D.C. metro area.

All Professional Moving Services in Capitol Hill DC

Our professional moving services include expert customer service from point A to point B. Professional movers will treat your items with the same respect you would treat them yourself. Whether you’re moving internationally across the ocean or just down the street, we provide a range of services to meet your needs. Learn more about our professional moving services in Capitol Hill DC.

Local Movers in Capitol Hill DC

Able Moving & Storage’s Local Movers are all locals, which means they know the shortcuts during rush hour traffic. Able Moving & Storage drivers are skilled at avoiding narrow roads and find the ultimate unloading areas. Other Capitol Hill DC moving companies rely on seasonal laborers that are inexperienced with moving to Capitol Hill DC and the surrounding area. Choose Able Moving & Storage for the best customer service and efficient local movers. Learn more about our Local Movers in Capitol Hill DC.

Long Distance Movers in Capitol Hill DC

Long Distance Moves can be stressful and intimidating. Not only do you have to deal with the logistics of moving, there is also the strain of leaving behind friends and family, familiar places full of memories, and heartfelt goodbyes. Yet, it could also be a time of joy starting over and creating new adventures. While the transition may take time, let our long distance movers remove some of the burden of packing and moving. With over 20 years experience, Able Moving & Storage prizes customer service, efficiency, and care for your belongings. Learn more about our Long Distance Movers in Capitol Hill DC.

Residential Storage Services in Capitol Hill DC

Able Moving & Storage offers the most premier storage service in the Capitol Hill DC area. Our affordable rates give you option and we offer bundled moving and storage deals. Able Moving & Storage’s storage facilities are protected by industry standard security. Each Able Moving & Storage facility features 24/7 on-site personnel, computerized access to the facility and security cameras. Our storage services include a unique lock for each storage unit to ensure maximum safety. Every Able Moving & Storage facility is guarded by a barbed wire fence and all nearby trees and bushes are cleared so would be criminals have nowhere to hide. Learn more about our storage services in Capitol Hill DC.

Business Relocation Services in Capitol Hill DC

Office Movers in Capitol Hill DC

If you’re looking to move your office or corporation, we have the staff, trucks, and tools to make it happen. Our large trucks mean efficiency and less time going back and forth. Not only that, our movers are incredibly experienced moving large office equipment such as large computer servers, expensive glass conference tables, and full filing cabinets. Based on experience and volume of material moved, Able Moving & Storage’s Capitol Hill DC office movers can be depended on to protect your equipment and security. And when you use Able Moving & Storage, you’re hiring the safest and most reliable office movers in the Capitol Hill DC area. Learn more about our office movers in Capitol Hill DC.

Corporate Relocation Services in Capitol Hill DC

Able Moving & Storage provides the best top to bottom corporate moving service. It’s a combination of things that make them the superior choice when looking for a corporate moving company. Happy employees, maintained equipment, and moving expertise all come together to make your corporate relocation a stress-free process. Our movers specialize in corporate relocation services with drivers who have knowledge of the area and can take the fastest routes without any risk to your possessions. Our corporate relocation service have some of the largest trucks compared to other local corporate moving companies. This means less trips to haul all your office equipment. Learn more about our Corporate Relocation Services in Capitol Hill DC.

Commercial Storage Services in Capitol Hill DC

Able Moving & Storage provides top security commercial storage services. Our storage units are inspected by the Department of Defense and Department of State to meet commercial storage service requirements. For however long you need, we offer the latest in fire and theft protection for your valuable business information and supplies. Learn more about our Commercial Storage for Capitol Hill DC.

International Movers in Capitol Hill DC

Able Moving & Storage can also help you with your international move. Whether you’re in the military, exploring new career opportunities, or establishing a second home for retirement, we can move you from point A to point B. Have furniture you want in your new home? We can transport it safe and sound. The same goes for clothes, precious figurines, and large computer equipment. Able Moving & Storage is able to provide you with all the international movers you could possibly need. If you’re not going to be able to bring all your furniture to your new international home but our international movers can put some of the more important and larger items in storage for when you return. Able Moving & Storage offers you affordable storage rates on long-term storage for storage units in every size. Trust our international movers of Capitol Hill DC have the expertise to take care of your moving logistics. Learn more about our international movers for Capitol Hill DC.

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