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Residential Storage Solutions Prince William County

Able Moving & Storage encourages all customers considering storage to visit the facility. A guided tour and explanation of the storage process will provide you with peace of mind, and allows us to show you our clean,neat, and well organized facility and introduce you to our wonderful staff.

Able Moving & Storage owns and operates 4 large warehouses. The warehouses were built specifically for storing household goods, office furniture, and equipment. Goods are stored in wooden storage vaults or on steel racking. Proper padding and shrink wrapping are applied to all of your goods as appropriate, and the goods are then placed in vaults or on racks.

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Secure Storage Solutions

All four warehouses are inspected regularly by the Department of Defense as well as the Department of State, and must meet their stringent requirements.

Able Moving & Storage’s secure facilities are fully protected by secure fencing, monitored by 24-hour video surveillance. Our secure, state-of-the-art warehouses feature the very latest in fire and theft protection as well as trained, full-time staff.

Long Term Storage & Short Term Storage Solutions Prince William County

Able Moving & Storage prefers to containerize all shipments at the residence to minimize handling and damage. Properly done, your goods are loaded into storage vaults brought to your residence and delivered the same way. This process requires only 1 load and 1 unload of your household goods, as opposed to “loose loading” into trucks and unloading at the warehouse. Your items are protected before they are loaded, and remain protected until delivered.

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