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How to stay organized during a move

When moving, it can be hard to stay organized. One reason this happens is that all of your items are not always going to fit in one box. You may end up needing several boxes for things like dishware, collectibles, clothes, baby items, and more. Able Moving & Storage has some great tips for you when you prepare for a move to make things a lot easier, and a lot more organized!

Label everything in a detailed and consistent way. You may want to write what is in each box, as well as which room it came from, and which room in your new home it is going to. This makes it much easier for everyone during the unpacking process. Consider color coordinating the labels and have a chart to reference on which colors correspond with which room. This can really help if you have a lot of belongings to sort through!

Packing takes a lot of time, planning, and effort. If not done properly, you can break things! If you really want to save time, just hire a professional packing service to really get everything packed away efficiently and in an organized manner. Nobody is better at packing than the professionals because let’s face it, they do it every day! They certainly know the best way to pack, and even if you are pretty good at it yourself, a professional is bound to know some extra tricks that you can benefit from during a move. Save time and hire a pro!

Once you are all moved in, make sure you open and handle one box at a time to unpack. This will make it less confusing and prevent items from being mixed together or accidentally misplaced. If you have a family with children who are old enough to help, assign them each a box within their own room and when each box is complete, reward with a sticker or other fun treat!