Storage and Movers

There are too many companies in the northern Virginia/metro D.C. area that claim to offer 5-star storage and moving services. The truth is most of those companies do not deliver on that. Able Moving & Storage delivers on that promise and then some. It’s why they are the most popular storage and moving company in the northern Virginia/metro D.C. area. Able Moving & Storage is the area’s premier storage and movers company and has been responsible for tens of thousands of savings when it comes to movers and storage.


It is very easy in today’s day and age to write off all movers and storage companies as a wasted expense. After all, why would you pay for movers when you can rent a truck and fill it up on your own? Well, the simple answer is why would you? Moving day is already one of the most stressful and hectic things a person can do so why would you add additional stress? Able Moving & Storage only hires local experts who know where and when the ideal times for loading and unloading are. Each Able Moving & Storage mover has years of experience moving furniture all over the northern Virginia/metro D.C. area and can be of great service to you.


Able Moving & Storage also provides the area’s most affordable rates on short-term leases for their storage units. Each Able Moving & Storage storage unit is routinely cleaned to prevent mold from getting a foothold. The facilities regularly bring in exterminators to prevent insects or cockroaches from establishing homes in your storage unit. The only thing in your Able Moving & Storage storage unit is whatever you tell the movers to put in there! Able Moving & Storage also has the safest storage facilities in the area. Each facility is protected by computerized access, 24/7 on-duty personnel, and security cameras. Able Moving & Storage knows that it doesn’t matter if you are looking for storage or movers, safety and security are what you really want.