Storage In D.C.

The Internet has led us to believe that there are multiple answers to the question: who is the best storage company in D.C.? Yelp! claims to know the answer and so does Angie’s List but they’re both wrong. The best storage company in D.C. is Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage does not hide any fees or loopholes in our agreements like other storage companies in D.C. Able is able to offer the most affordable rates on storage units in the D.C. area and will match any competitor. Able Moving & Storage is constantly reinvesting in their business so they have the biggest trucks, the best employees, and the cleanest and most secure storage units.


When it comes to storage the real commodity you are paying for isn’t space, it’s peace of mind. That is why Able Moving & Storage has the best security features of all the storage companies in D.C. Other storage companies in D.C. like to charge their clients more for security features they claim to have. Then when their stuff gets stolen, there is a convenient loophole to trap unsuspecting customers. That’s why it’s important to rent your storage space in D.C. from Able. All their facilities have computerized access, 24/7 onsite personnel, barbed wire perimeter fences and industry standard security cameras. When you look at the potential $10 or so you could save, it seems insignificant to the peace of mind of you will gain by using Able Moving & Storage, the best storage company in D.C.


Able Moving & Storage is the only storage company in D.C. that claim to perform routine maintenance and cleaning for all our storage units. All our units are maintained to ensure that there are no rats, insects or other creepy crawlies hiding in the darkness. You often hear stories of dusty units filled with rats and cockroaches but that couldn’t be further from the truth with Able Moving & Storage. The only things waiting for you in the darkness of your storage unit are the possessions you left in there! When you use Able Moving & Storage you get the peace of mind knowing that you are using the cheapest and cleanest storage company in the D.C. area.

Affordable Rates

There are so many storage companies in D.C. that claim to offer more affordable rates than Able Moving & Storage but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Those companies can offer lower rates because they offer inferior services. Their storage units are not as clean as Able’s D.C. storage units and they do not offer the full range of security services that Able does. Other storage companies in D.C. often charge lower rates because their storage facilities are in unsafe areas, so what is the point in saving some money if you have to replace what was stolen? Despite offering superior services, Able is able to charge such affordable rates because their business has grown with the economy.