Storage Manassas

Mistakes People Make Using Storage Facilities in Manassas

People make so many mistakes the first time they try renting storage space in Manassas. People always assume every moving company was the same and that you couldn’t go wrong with storage in Manassas. How hard could it be? These companies are everywhere! You simply go into Google Maps and search storage Manassas and you just go with the closest place right? Wrong! There are many things to look for when you want to rent storage space in Manassas. Just like all purchases you make, this requires lots of time and research to make sure your money is spent right… or you could save all that and call Able Moving & Storage for your Manassas storage needs. But if for some reason you decide you want to spend the time and energy researching storage in Manassas, here are some things to look out for.


This is ultimately why you are using a storage facility. You need them to keep your valuables safe, otherwise, you would leave them outside. You clearly cared enough to put the time and energy into finding a safe place for your possessions so you need a company that respects that. Able Moving & Storage has industry standard security features at all their locations. From cameras without blind spots to onsite personnel 24/7, Able Moving & Storage gives you nothing to worry about. All of Able Moving & Storage’s facilities are also guarded with 24/7 computer access to ensure no intruders get in.

You want a Manassas storage facility that is easily accessible but not too easily accessible. The FBI and police departments have done millions of studies on factors that contribute to crime and Able Moving & Storage takes all their findings into account when designing their Manassas storage facilities. One example is how every Able Moving & Storage Manassas facility has a barbed wire fence with tree branches no closer than 10 feet. This provides criminals no means to enter the facility and keeps your possessions safe. Another way Able Moving & Storage protects your possessions is by only operating in well-lit areas. It is a fact that less crime occurs in well lit Manassas storage facilities than in poorly lit Manassas storage facilities.


Cleanliness is the second most important factor when selecting a Manassas storage facility. Before people go to Able Moving & Storage they often look at a big name storage company and see how their offices are completely unkempt. Papers everywhere, so many papers it’s impossible to tell what color the desk is. The receptionists can be surely overloaded by incoming calls and incredibly unorganized. There were stains on the floor and one of the lights on the desk flickered. How can you trust that company to keep my possessions safe when this is the way they present themselves to their customers? If the office is this messy how bad are their storage units? It’s a safe guess that a messy office means a messier storage unit.