Storage Manassas

There are many things to avoid when looking for Manassas storage space. Of course, there are the obvious signs like low ratings on Yelp! but that doesn’t give you the complete picture. People online might have different standards than you. Someone who just wants a good deal would give 5 stars to storage facility with rats. There are also many fake reviews generated by bots either owned by the business or their competitors. That’s why it’s important for you to scout your Manassas storage unit. One trip to Able Moving & Storage will demonstrate everything you see is industry standard. But if for some reason you wanted to look at other facilities, here are the warning signs of a bad Manassas storage facility.


How clean a facility tells you how much they invest in upkeep. Appearances matter and if something appears wrong you should walk away. If there’s mold or dirt in the manager’s office, you should walk away. A dirty office means a dirty storage unit. And if the desk is covered in a disarray of papers it means ownership is unorganized. They could lose your payment and double charge you or worse. Cleanliness is never an issue when you’re looking for Manassas storage at Able Moving & Company. Their offices and storage units are known for their cleanliness.


Storage is all about trust. If you can’t trust the storage company’s security, how can you trust them at all? Signs of bad storage include security cameras with blind spots. If a Manassas storage facility doesn’t have computerized access, it is at risk of being robbed. Today’s criminals are thrifty and can easily get around a non-computerized security system. Good storage units also have staff on site 24/7. Security is never an issue with Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage’s computerized security system is the industry standard amongst Manassas storage companies.


When it comes to storage, location is everything. Where is the Manassas storage facility? Is it accessible? Is it near a major highway? How well maintained is the fence surrounding the storage facility? One thing you want to avoid is facilities with tall trees with long branches that hang over the fence. Though the branches may not pose a security risk but they do speak to an overall quality of service. Is the area well lit? You may decide to pick up or drop off your possessions at night or in the early morning and want to feel safe. Again, a well lit local moving and storing company speaks to an overall quality level of service.