Storage Movers

There are so many choices on the Internet when you look for storage and movers in the northern Virginia and DC area. And websites like Yelp! and Angie’s List rely on consumers not to fact check any of their reviews which are often fake. The truth is there are many storage and movers in the northern Virginia and DC area that hide costs in their storage leases that suddenly make an affordable price unaffordable. That’s why you should go to Able Moving & Storage, their storage and movers are the most affordable in the area and always provide professional service.

Great Customer Service

Able Moving & Storage movers provide the best possible customer service every time you use their services. Able Moving & Storage movers know that moving your things to storage can be very stressful. That’s why they provide great customer service from the first interaction, to let you know the kind of professional service their movers offer.

Clean Storage Units

Able Moving & Storage has their movers clean the storage units on a routine basis. Able Moving & Storage consistently provides the best and cleanest storage units at an affordable rate. Other movers and storage companies do not clean their units on a regular basis like Able Moving & Storage. Their units are often filled with mold, cockroaches and other disgusting things you don’t want anywhere near your possessions.

Top Notch Security

Able Moving & Storage is proud to have top-notch security at every single one of their storage facilities. Able Moving & Storage’s movers follow a rigorous system to make sure all your possessions stay safe. Able Moving & Storage movers do routine maintenance on the grounds around their storage units to make sure there are no tree branches that could be used to get over the fence. All their storage facilities have computer access and 24-hour on-site security to keep your possessions safe.