Hi Nick. Thanks for your message. The move went very, very well. The three women who packed up our household in DC on January 9 did an excellent job (working long hours since we have so much small stuff). They really, really knew what they were doing -- everything came through in great shape. The second day the team working on loading the truck did a really good job, too.  Stephanie at your office was very patient with me when I had questions and always got back to me promptly to explain procedures and what we should expect.  The team that drove our things to Sarasota was also first notch.  They were very careful working in our brand-new house, making sure not to leave so much as a scratch. They were very energetic and worked really hard since they were just 2 guys with lots to unload as well as some stuff to assemble.  Frankly, as a former manager, I was particularly impressed with Able's team leaders.  They seemed to have excellent working relationships with their colleagues and were truly able to encourage their people to get things done and get them done well and quickly, too.  So I would say Able did an excellent job all around.
Julia S.