Tips for Moving in Extreme Weather

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While moving can be hectic and all-consuming, moving in extreme weather adds a layer of complications. Sultry heat and frigid cold call for extra prep work and considerations from movers and homeowners. Nevertheless, you can overcome both scenarios with proper practices: packing to facilitate unpacking, clearing passages for movement, remaining flexible with scheduling, and more. Turn to the professional local movers at Able Moving & Storage to ensure follow-through on all these steps.

Able serves home- and business owners in Bristow, VA, and the surrounding region. Like our customers, we value high-quality performance and outstanding customer service. Therefore, we have built an exceptional team to deliver local, long-distance, office, international, and other moving services. So, avoid peak moving season by calling (703) 330-3772 to schedule a service appointment or request a free moving estimate.

Below, we offer tips to help you move during inclement weather:

Make Extra Preparations for the Moving Team

Whether planning a move across your town or the country, preparation is critical for success. However, extreme weather calls for additional measures than conventional moving. In completing these steps, you can save yourself significant time and trouble:

  • Clear sidewalks
    Local Movers Bristow VA

    Before moving crews arrive, clients must ensure their driveways and walkways are clear of ice and snow during the winter. Moreover, not only the first stop but also the second and any additional stops must be clear as well. This step ensures the safety of moving crews and customers’ belongings.

    Although a lesser concern in the summertime, clearing sidewalks and stairs of toys or other objects is also essential. Doing so saves time and prevents injuries.

  • Protect your belongings from the weather
    Moving relies on extensive packing and unpacking. However, extreme weather complicates these processes by forcing movers to consider whether objects are vulnerable to the conditions. Able movers will wrap or double-wrap such objects in padding to protect against this outcome.

    Additionally, some furniture pieces may degrade if exposed to precipitation during moving. Able’s packing services can protect your furniture from such effects by pad- and shrink-wrapping your belongings.
  • Shut off climate control devices
    As mentioned above, moving requires easy and unblocked access to buildings. Thus, we need to keep customers’ front doors open so crews can quickly move in and out while their hands are full. Doing so may affect your home’s interior climate during extreme cold or hot weather, but it’s necessary for an efficient move.

    We recommend customers dress for the extreme weather and go to a room where they can close a door to preserve hot or cool air. Additionally, they should shut off the heating or air conditioning to avoid wasting energy while the door is open.

Work with Our Extra Housing Protection 

Moving furniture and bulky items always presents challenges, especially in homes with narrow doorways and tricky corners. We wrap furniture with padding to avoid damage to properties and belongings. However, if your move occurs during extreme rain or snow, we may use extra protective measures in your house, such as sheets or tarps. Our doing so will not cost you an extra cent, and it keeps your home clean while avoiding damage.

Be Flexible

Extreme weather conditions also call for customers to remain flexible with Able. Rescheduling could be a possibility, depending on the severity of conditions outside. We prioritize customer and team safety above all else, and if the weather isn’t safe for our crews or your belongings, we will notify you of our change of plans. We can work with your schedule to get your move back on track as soon as possible.

Give Professionals Space and Convenience to Work 

Customers often ask to help the moving crew in fair and foul weather. However, we do not recommend clients help us out of concern for their safety. Although we never expect it, we appreciate customers offering us cool or warm non-alcoholic beverages during the move. These kind gestures are particularly appreciated when moving in inclement weather.

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Despite the challenges moving presents and the possibility of extreme weather, Able Moving & Storage proudly offers home- and business owners the service that they need. Our reliable local movers work throughout the Bristow, VA, region. Moreover, we provide residential and commercial storage solutions for those who seek them. To learn more about our services or to schedule a service visit, call (703) 330-3772 or visit our website today!

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