Tips for Storing Your Belongings During a Move

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Moving from one living space to another is a difficult task to take on single-handedly as it may involve a large amount of work done in a short amount of time. What often it makes tougher to get though are the multiple unforeseen complications that seem to stack up over the process of moving. Reduce your troubles to almost nothing by hiring an experienced moving and storage service like Able Moving & Storage of Northern Virginia. We tailor our services to suit any residential, corporate, government, and commercial move by carrying out all tasks and creating the solutions necessary to perform an efficient and secure relocation. Below we provide a few tips on how you can ensure your move is safe and organized as well.

Create an Inventory

Be sure to make a list of every item that you own, especially your most valuable possessions, along with pictures and detailed specifications of their appearance. Once you have finally hauled everything to your new abode, check off each item on your list and see what’s arrived and whether it’s intact or not. This can prepare you for unexpected discoveries like missing or damaged items.

Get Insurance

No amount of preparation can protect your valuables from unexpected circumstances, so it’s best to insure them in case any damage or losses occur during your move. Your homeowner’s insurance, as well as certain moving companies like Able Moving & Storage, may provide coverage for your valuables over the course of your move.

Properly Package Your Items

From large pieces of furniture down to the smallest trinket, each has their own unique way of being packaged. To avoid any unnecessary harm, be mindful of how you pack fragile items, such as setting them up side-by-side with pieces of tissue paper between. This is a safer alternative as opposed to lying them flat at the bottom or purchasing specialized boxes for items such as a flat-screen TV.  

Find Trustworthy Storage

After fully preparing your items for when you move out, you might need to put certain things in a storage facility until after you have moved into your new place. Before settling on a particular storage service determine how hands-on the facility’s staff is as well as quality of organization and security. For example, Able Moving & Storage owns and operates four well-organized warehouses surrounded by secure fencing and is monitored 24 hours a day by our full-time staff.

Keep Valuables Secure

More than anything, do not take chances with your most important valuables. This includes jewelry, family heirlooms, expensive art and furniture, and vitally important documents and records. While all possessions are important to some degree, there are certain pieces that should never be put at risk of being lost, damaged, or stolen over the course of your moving process.

Safely Store Your Pets and Plants

Some of the most precious things we own, including our pets and plants, which require regular attention and proper care. Yet, while moving from one place to another, you may not be able to provide it. The best thing to do is seek the help of a family member or friend who can take care of your pets or plants while you are in the process of moving, allowing you to concentrate and ensure your pet or plant gets the care it needs.

Choose Able Moving & Storage in Manassas, VA for Professional Moving and Storage Services

Moving to a new home, office, or storefront takes a great deal of time and effort in both organizing and performing. With Able Moving & Storage, we’ll help make sure that all of your possessions are loaded up and brought to your newest location as we have services for local, long-distance, and international relocations. Our staff is fully-certified, highly-trained, and greatly experienced in planning, managing, and performing moving operations large and small.

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