Top Four Tips For Moving With Kids

long-distance moving with kids in Manassas VA

Most homeowners don’t move alone. They take their family with them, including the kids. This often means there are many strings attached that can make the moving process a little overwhelming, particularly for the kids. That’s why getting the help of a professional long-distance moving service is important, as it can help smoothen the process. There are also many ways you can make the moving process more enjoyable, one of which is by hiring expert long-distance movers.

We at Able Moving & Storage seek to make your moving experience a breeze, no matter where you are going. We’ve helped customers transition their households from across Manassas, VA, to the other side of the world. We provide both local and international moving services, as well as secure storage solutions for valuables that need safekeeping – hear what our clients say!

Below, we offer some ways to help ease the idea of moving for your children: 

  1. Announce The Move Ahead Of Time

The first thing that should be done is to let your children know about the move. This should be done before the move-out date so they can process how soon things will change. It should also take place in a positive, casual setting, like over dinner while eating their favorite meal, or as a family around the living room.

The most important thing is to openly communicate everything about the move: when it will happen, where and how far the new house will be, the reasons why you are moving, and what it will mean for them to move from one home to another.

Tell them some positive aspects of the move and show you understand how they feel about leaving your current home. Along with that, let them express how they feel and discuss what you can do to help them through their first move-out experience.   

  1. Learn About Your New Home Together

After talking about the move with your kids, gradually make the reality of it more apparent. One of the best ways to do that is to take a trip with them to your new home – unless you and your family are doing a long-distance move.

Giving them a chance to actually see their new home, and the area around it, will help them get used to the idea more and more. Explore the area so they can discover places they might want to go after the move. If you can, bring them to their new school so they can feel a little less anxious on their first day there.   

  1. Hold A Moving Away Party & Keep In Touch

Before moving day arrives, host a small party for your kids and their friends. This will give them all a chance to say a proper goodbye. To help them feel less anxious about it, invite your own friends, neighbors, and relatives over as well.

Not only are you giving them time to spend with their friends, but it is also a chance for them to properly share and receive their friends’ contact information. This will help your kids maintain their friendships even after they have transitioned into their new surroundings.

Furthermore, you can take the party as a chance to help your kids plan weekend or holiday visits with their friends, depending on how far your move takes you. 

  1. Organize A Moving Sale Or Donate Unwanted Items

No matter how far the move is, the amount of stuff you are transferring can be overwhelming. Organizing a yard sale or donating things you no longer need is a great way to reduce the amount of things you move with.

Of course, there are many valuables your kids will want to take with them, so it’s important to include them in the moving process when organizing what will be kept, donated, or sold. Have them help you take stock of what items are no longer used or needed, as well as price and tag each of the old items you’d like to sell. 

Discuss what proceeds from the sale can go towards something for the new house – whether it be a TV, a game system, or a new dog. The most important thing is to get them invested and excited at the idea of moving rather than hung up over the moving stress.

Able Moving & Storage: Efficient Long-Distance Moving in Manassas, VA

Moving from one home to another is a difficult thing for a child, but performing one or two of the activities listed above would certainly help them transition through it. At Able Moving & Storage, we see moving as a major change one can make in their lives, which is why we do our best to provide great local moving, efficient long-distance moving, and international moving services to customers throughout Manassas, VA. 

If you are thinking of making a move, contact us at (703) 330-3772 to learn more about our services and discuss how we can help with your upcoming long-distance move. 


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