VA Moving Companies

Just talk to anyone in the area about a VA moving company and they will mention Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage is by far the best VA moving company and offers the most complete service package. No other VA moving companies can match Able Moving & Storage’s low prices for moving and storage. Able Moving & Storage is the most relied upon moving name for business and residential relocation services. There is no need to go to websites like Yelp! or Angie’s List because they will all recommend Able Moving & Storage as their first choice for a VA moving company.

Local Experts

Northern Virginia is a massive area and not many people know how to expertly navigate all the cities and highways. Able Moving & Storage only hires local experts making them the best VA moving company. While other VA moving companies are circling the block or sitting in traffic, Able Moving & Storage movers provide the best possible service because they are local experts. Able Moving & Storage movers are adept at finding all the shortcuts that others miss during rush hour traffic. That’s why Able Moving & Storage provides the fastest moving day services of any VA moving company.

Great Customer Service

Able Moving & Storage prides itself on providing the best customer service of all VA moving companies. When you use Able Moving & Storage for your storage or mobbing needs you can always count on receiving polite and honest customer service. Able Moving & Storage is better prepared to handle your customer service needs than any other VA moving company. And you can count on that same polite and respectful attitude on your hectic moving day when you are super stressed. Able Moving & Storage movers strive to always give you most stress-free moving experience they can provide and are always open to ways to improve.


Whether it is a moving day emergency or a prearranged storage solution, Able Moving & Storage is prepared to offer you the best rates on short-term storage units. Many other VA moving companies rely on another company for their storage needs. That ends up costing you more and means you have to deal with another company on your already hectic day. Able Moving & Storage movers are prepared to offer you the most competitive rates on short-term leases just in case you have any unexpected events on moving day.