VA Moving Company

How to Choose the Right VA Moving Company

There are many ways to easily weed out bad VA moving companies. Of course, there are the easy ways like Yelp!, Angie’s List and Google but not everyone leaves online reviews. And some reviews are fake or left by angry people and cannot be trusted to honestly evaluate VA moving companies. There are many bad VA moving companies that generate fake online reviews to trick consumers so even in today’s digital age it’s best to visit the office of the moving and storage facility and inspect it yourself. Walk into any office for Able Moving & Storage and you will see for yourself what a functioning VA moving company looks like. Here are some things to look for.

Customer Service

Customer service is the ultimate test of a business. Happy management makes happy employees and happy employees give good customer service. Good customer service is the sign of a company working like a well-oiled machine. Moving and storage can be very stressful so having good customer service is a must for any moving and storage company. That’s what you get with Able Moving & Storage, great customer service because the company is operating like a well oiled machine. Five minutes on the phone or in person will show you that Able Moving & Storage is the right choice for a VA moving company.


How clean a facility is tells you how much they invest in upkeep. Appearances matter and if something appears wrong you should walk away. If there’s mold or dirt in the manager’s office, you should walk away. A dirty office means a dirty storage unit. Sure, maybe you don’t need a storage unit but it speaks to the overall quality of service that the company offers. Cleanliness is the sign of a well-functioning company. And if the desk is covered in a disarray of papers it means ownership is unorganized. They could lose your payment and double charge you or worse. Cleanliness is never an issue when you’re looking for the moving or storage at Able Moving & Company, the best VA moving company. Their offices and storage units are known for their cleanliness.

Top Notch Local Knowledge

Northern Virginia is a large area so you need a VA moving company with expert local knowledge Our movers are all locals, which means we know the shortcuts during rush hour traffic. Able Moving & Storage drivers are adept at avoiding narrow roads and find the ultimate unloading areas. Other VA moving companies rely on seasonal laborers that are inexperienced with corporate relocation services. And when their drivers get lost or stuck in traffic, their bosses pass that on to you. Our drives are natives with expert knowledge of the area.