What Businesses Would Benefit from Commercial Storage?

Secure Storage Units of a Rockville MD commercial moving service

Many businesses must ensure that they have a consistent supply of their products or a safe area to store them and other materials. These needs compel them to seek out off-site storage areas maintained by reliable and trustworthy staff. Thus, many businesses turn to reliable commercial storage providers like Able Moving & Storage to keep their goods and valuables secure and accessible.

In addition to excellent residential and commercial moving services, Able also provides quality commercial storage solutions to those that need to keep their business’s assets safe. Businesses from across Northern Virginia and Rockville, MD, rely on us to keep their goods secure and ready for when they need them. 

Below, we list several businesses that could use our high-quality commercial storage solutions:      

Interior Design

Interior designers often need additional storage due to how often they switch out the decor and furnishings of their properties. Proper storage also helps to keep their workspaces tidy and clutter-free. 

How should one handle all that unused, high-quality furniture and decoration? Call a team of expert movers to carefully remove them from your showroom and store them in a clean and secure storage unit. If these pieces are sold off, you could have the same professional moving service ship them to their destinations.  


E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular among self-starting entrepreneurs seeking to build a business from their homes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, if you are operating an e-commerce business from your home, you may be running short on space. 

To handle the high quantities of goods, consider using Able Storage as a secure place for your inventory.   

Brick & Mortar Retail

A classic retail business also has many storage needs as well. For instance, if a store gets a great surplus of products that won’t sell quickly, then that stock can’t clutter up the rest of the store in the meantime. 

Instead, use a safe, controlled storage space to keep those assets safe. This allows you to sell them later. 

Expanding/Downsizing Offices

Finally, traditional office spaces could also use commercial storage. Another effect of the recent pandemic was the shift of employees working from home rather than in an office space. However, this meant that the contents of their office spaces–all the desks, chairs, bookcases, and so on–needed to be removed or sold off. 

If that’s the case with your company, consider putting your office furniture and equipment into storage, that way as soon as you get a new office, you can quickly have it furnished right away. 

In addition, working with Able Moving & Storage will ensure your assets are saved and quickly brought to your new office with the help of our expert office movers and packers. 

Able Moving & Storage: Simple & Secure Commercial Storage in Rockville, MD

Numerous businesses more often than not need secure storage facilities for their assets and goods, so they can move to expand or decrease in size. If your company needs storage assistance in these areas, we at Able Moving & Storage can help. Our excellent office movers and packers can transport your goods and materials to one of our facilities, where we will safely store your things in secure commercial storage space. While we are also known as among the best residential and commercial moving services in Rockville, MD, and Northern Virginia, we do also provide business storage solutions for companies big and small. 

Contact us today at (703) 330-3772 for more information and book storage space for your business’s valuables.  

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