Why Hire a Moving Company to Move IT Equipment?

Office Relocation Montgomery County MD

Now more than ever, the digital world demands that office moves utilize logistics management services for IT equipment. Even if you’re willing and able to disassemble, transport, and reassemble your office’s technology, you may lack the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently complete the job. Yet a professional office relocation service can bring the tools and handle the job to relieve your moving stress.

Whether you plan to move employees to new locations or shift technology around the office, you can rely on Able Moving & Storage to get the job done. Our highly trained technicians will safely disconnect, protect, pack, transport, and reconnect all IT equipment for Montgomery County, MD, business owners. Call (703) 330-3772 or visit our website to learn more about our commercial moving services.

Below, we discuss the benefits of hiring professionals to move your IT equipment:

Protect Your Equipment and Building

Office Relocation Montgomery County MD

Professional movers bring the tools they need to protect expensive equipment and commercial properties. Specifically, Able movers supply static-free bubble bags and padding for electronics, padding and shrink wrap for furniture, and keyboard bags for desk components (wires, keyboards, speakers, mice, etc.).

All items are packed and strapped tightly to prevent movement during transportation. Once at the new building, we reassemble everything according to client specifications. Additionally, office relocation companies protect the buildings where they work. For instance, they provide floor protection to move bins inside quickly and affix padding to protect walls and corners from dings and scratches.

Lighten Your IT Staff’s Load

Hiring movers also saves your IT staff from heavy lifting. Since moves often occur during projects while teams are overwhelmed with work, hiring skilled PC techs resolves distractions and allows staff to continue their tasks.

Able Moving’s techs perform disconnects and reconnects with power-up and connectivity testing. We take an inventory of all desk components before disassembly at the old location and after reassembly at the new one. Therefore, your IT staff need not worry about keeping track of expensive items during a large-scale move.

Professional movers also come equipped with tools to move cumbersome objects. Able’s team, for example, uses stevedores and safe jacks to lift and stabilize items over 1,200 lbs. If you’re considering expanding or downsizing your office, contact our office relocation company to start planning your relocation.

Planning Assistance

Furthermore, Able matches commercial customers with certified project managers to plan a seamless move. These experts will evaluate your space, equipment, and timeline to create a customized, efficient, cost-effective plan. 

The Able Moving team will outline moving phases and assignments as necessary. These steps will include:

  • Inventory
  • Disconnect and Reconnect
  • Proper packing for all tech equipment
  • Wire management
  • Monitor arm installations
  • Power-up and connectivity testing
  • Servers and Datacenter moves

Moreover, we take an agile approach, updating the plans based on daily progress throughout the move. We promise to deliver on budget and within the agreed timeframe.

Reliable Office Relocation Services in Montgomery County, MD!

If you’re looking for an office relocation company to handle your IT equipment with care, reach out to Able Moving. In addition to PC tech services, our team offers packing, building and floor protection, disposal services, short- and long-term storage, project management, and top-tier customer service for Montgomery County, MD, residents. With our competitive rates and in-house customer service representatives, it’s no wonder that our reputation precedes us. To learn more about our office relocation services, call (703) 330-3772 today or check out our digital brochure.

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