4 Benefits of Hiring Movers that Offer Storage Services

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While preparing for a move, determine whether your professional cross-country mover offers storage services. Readily available storage can increase flexibility in your move schedule, allow you to declutter your home while it’s still on the market, and keep your items safe. Set yourself up for success by hiring a trustworthy moving company offering storage services, like Able Moving & Storage.

Able has delivered top-notch moving and storage options throughout the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area and Northern Virginia since 1987. What began as a single-truck operation now employs a full-time staff of packers, movers, estimators, and coordinators. Moreover, all service and operations professionals have received extensive industry training to exceed our customers’ expectations. Call (703) 330-3772 today to learn more and request a free moving quote!

You should hire moving professionals who also provide storage options for the following reasons:

1.) Makes Your Moving Schedule More Flexible

Among the most frustrating aspects of relocating is scheduling your move-out and move-in dates. Many factors—weather conditions, property availability, and other individuals’ schedules—that lie outside your control, influence these dates. Plus, last-minute delays can bring about steep increases in cross-country movers’ cost of services.

Storage options expand your window of opportunity for moving. Able’s professionals can store your belongings if weather or move-in complications delay your arrival. This contingency plan allows you to adapt your schedule and remain flexible.

2.) Declutter Your Home While You Sell It

If you buy a house near your old property, you can shift your belongings to the new space on your schedule. Decluttering your old spot will make it more appealing to potential buyers. Yet moving across the country affords no such luxury. Instead, you can use storage services to hold unnecessary items and the belongings you intend to sell before moving.

The storage space will also encourage you to organize your possessions for your move. Out-of-season and unused items you plan to take can go into the space first, helping you prioritize belongings you need easy access to during your move. Just ensure you evaluate the available storage options and pick the one that suits you best.

3.) Secure and Inventory Your Belongings

Cross Country Movers Northern VA

Whether local or long-distance, moving upsets the usual order of things and increases the odds that items go missing. Whether due to an innocent mistake or not, losing possessions can kill the excitement of a new home or office. Avoid such issues with Able’s secure storage solutions.

Our facilities follow several protocols to avoid losing or misplacing items. The premises have a full-time security staff and 24-hour video monitoring to prevent break-ins. Staff also keeps the residential and commercial storage areas separate but clean and orderly. Furthermore, our inventory management system ensures we catalog all items on arrival to keep track of everything.

4.) Less Stress

Best of all, hiring a moving company that offers storage can reduce stress. Greater adaptability, organization, and security can quell many moving-related anxieties, helping you think and act decisively. The obstacles that could derail some moves need not throw off yours.

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You could research cross-country movers’ reviews or look them up online to determine which companies offer moving and storage services. However, we suggest contacting Able Moving & Storage and letting us know you are interested in both! Our expert team handles residential and commercial moves across town and the world. Call (703) 330-3772 to learn more about our moving services and get a free quote!

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