Full-Service Model Home Installations

Our Experienced Team

In addition to our flexible moving and storage options, Able offers full-service model home installations. We work alongside interior designers to orchestrate these projects. Specifically, our experienced team carefully unpacks, organizes, and sets up furniture and decor to prepare the space for walk-throughs.

Receiving & Storage

We receive home model projects’ furniture and decor pieces at our secure storage facility, where they remain for safekeeping until their installation date. Our staff maintains a careful inventory so we can locate your items anytime.


Each item we receive is tracked for inventory control. To ensure a smooth moving process, we label each item according to the design plan. Doing so allows our teams to correctly place each piece in its respective room at the time of installation and begin the assembly process without delay.

Furniture Kit Assembly & Tear Downs

We can assemble complete furniture kits, such as IKEA pieces, during our installation process. When it’s time to tear down the model space, we disassemble and pad each piece for safe moving. As part of this service, we offer protection on all furniture and decor pieces. Before returning the items to storage, we label them again for continued inventory management.

Drapery and Artwork Installations

Our installation services include drapery and artwork installations. We hang artwork according to the client’s design plans as well as hang and steam drapery for a pristine appearance.

Wallpaper Installation

Able Moving & Storage also offers wallpaper installation services. Our precise methods for measuring and placing wallpaper help create a cohesive model design that will appeal to prospective buyers.

Furniture Repair

Additionally, furniture repair is available on-site (if needed).

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